The Bloody Baron – The Witcher 3

Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

Head to the barons castle at Crows Perch to start the quest. After reaching the castle and exploring the village to your heart’s content, head up the hill and speak with the guards at the gate. If you killed the barons men in the Nilfgaardian Connection quest, you will have to find another route inside as the guards at the gate will not let you in.

If you did not battle the barons men at the Inn at the Crossroads, simply talk to the men at the gate and they will escort you to the Baron.

If you killed the men at the inn, you will have to sneak in through a cave outside of the castle. Speak to the old man near the entrance to the castle for assistance on finding it. He will be easy enough to spot since he is the only person who doesn’t run away from you. In exchange for 15 coins, he will provide a marker on your map for the cave entrance. Once you reach the shrine marked on the map you can cross the river and dive underwater to enter the cave.

location of the secrent entrance to crows peak Witcher 3
The red dot indicates the cave entrance

Travel through the cave, defeating the water hag and drowners along the way, before exiting through the well.

Regardless of how you enter, once inside you will interact with the Bloody Baron and the quest concludes with a Ciri flashback.

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