the bloody baron
Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

Mount Roach and head northeast following the quest marker to the baron’s castle. After reaching the castle and exploring the village to your heart’s content, head up the hill and speak with the guards at the gate.

Once inside the gate, follow the guard who will take you to the baron. Speak with him and make your way through the conversation.

You will now be controlling Ciri in a flashback, head northeast towards the quest marker. When you encounter the wolves, dispatch them and speak to the girl climbing from the tree. Follow Gretka through the forest and defeat any wolves that appear. If your health gets low, back away, and it will regenerate. 

As you follow Gretka, you will encounter a bloody traveler, investigate the body, and when done, you will need to brew a concoction to defeat the Wolf King. You will need Dog Tallow, Wolf’s Liver, Fool’s Parsley and Wolfsbane. The ingredients will all be in the nearby area, so search and follow Gretka more.

With the brew complete, follow Gretka through the forest more until you reach a cave and follow it down. Once inside, you will fight the Wolf King. Once defeated, head back out and speak to Gretka ending the flashback.

As Geralt continues speaking to the baron about Ciri and agrees to help find his wife and daughter. Follow him deeper into the castle. Search the rooms upstairs with your Witcher Sense, looting along the way, before examining the space on the right wall. Now explore the painting at the back of the room, followed by the furniture on the other side of the small wall. Lastly, check the candlestick on a table near the front room. With your Witcher Senses on, follow the trail down the stairs and grab the talisman halfway down. Take what you have found to the baron.

We’re going to complete this side quest since we’re already here. Track the quest in your menu first. Head over to the room that Ciri stayed in and activate your Witcher Sense. Investigate the clothes on the ground, the book, and a toy; when you are done there, head across the halfway and speak to Gretka.

Back To The Bloody Baron 

Leave the castle and follow the road across the wooden bridge; head northwest towards the quest marker. At the marker, you will find Pellar’s Hut as well as some bandits. Get rid of them how you see fit, and then knock on the door. To get the information you need from him, you’ll first have to find his goat. 

With Pellar’s Bell equipped, head towards the quest marker and activate your Witcher Sense. Follow the trail further into the circle and ring the bell once you hear the goat. Make your way towards the circle on the screen. When you have located the goat, you will need to guide it back to the hut. Move a little away and then ring the bell, continue this process of leading it until the bear attacks. Defeat the bear and continue the leading process back to the hut. Once there, speak with Pellar again/

You will be instructed to check your bestiary about botchlings, which are under Cursed Ones. Leave the hut and return to the baron. As you approach the village, the guards will come up to you, agree to help save the horses and the stableboy. 

Once you have saved the stable boy and released all the horses, you will encounter the baron. After telling him everything, you have discovered he will attack you. Defeat the portly man and make him talk. Work your way through the dialogue and agree to help him.

bloody baron

As night descends, follow the baron to where the botchling was buried. When the creature appears, decide to turn it into a lubberkin. To turn it into a lubberkin, you’ll need to bury it at the threshold of the castle. As you proceed in that direction, Wraiths will attack, defeat them. 

With the Wraiths defeated, the botchling will become restless. Cast Axii in the direction of the baron to calm it and continue to the threshold of the castle. The ritual will be performed automatically once you arrive. Interact with the burial mound to summon the lubberkin. Follow it through the castle grounds and head into the village. In the countryside, follow the dirt path until you reach a small hut. When the lubberkin stops, activate your Witcher Senses and explore. Investigate the horseshoe marks, the bracelet on the ground and the clothing on the floor.

Return to the lubberkin and follow it down the path, careful of the Endrega and Rotfiends you encounter along the way. With the enemies defeated, examine the dead horse and then follow the lubberkin to a small house. Enter it.

Inside the house, you will find the fate of Anna and Tamara. Once you have looted everything you can, head back outside and bid farewell to the lubberkin.

Summon Roach and ride back to the baron’s castle. Speak to the sergeant and then talk to the baron on a nearby bench. You will now enter a flashback.

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