Ladies Of The Wood – The Witcher 3

Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

Follow the quest marker to reach a wooden shrine, then examine it. From the shrine follow the path leading deeper into the swamp until you come across a clump of buildings. Head towards the middle of the area and a cutscene will occur. After the cutscene talk to the child that was sent into the southern building and inquire about Johnny. Gran will interrupt the conversation and stop Travik from revealing his information.

To get the information you’ll need the children to distract Gran so you can continue your talk with Travik. Talk to the children outside and they will demand you play hide and seek. Alternatively, you can ask if they want anything else and you have the option to give them treats. If you choose to play hide and seek the locations of each child are listed below.

  • One child can be found in the western building besides the door.
  • Another child can be found on the west side of the southern building
  • A third child is located in the foliage towards the south side of the eastern building
  • The final child is hidden in a haystack on the east side of the eastern building
locations of the children hiding ladies of the wood the witcher 3
Locations of the children

With the children distracted you can resume your conversation with Travik to learn where Johnny is. Leave the hut and head northeast towards the quest marker where you will have to battle some drowners. From here utilize your Witcher senses to follow Johnny’s trail nearby. Interact with the burrow at the end of the trail to find Johnny, starting a conversation with him. After the conversation ends follow Johnny through the swamp.

After defeating several more drowners along the way, you will end up at a tall rock face. Climb to the top and follow the stream until you reach a waterfall. Jump over the gap and follow the left path to a wooden platform at the top to approach the nest.

Harpies will attack you as your come close to the nest. It can be difficult to fight them while in the air, so knock them out of the sky with your crossbow, the Igni sign, or the Aard sign. After the battle loot the nest for the bottle and a raven’s feather. Make your way back down the cliff to Johnny and give him the items prompting a conversation. Head back to the village following Johnny and after Johnny’s song, ask Gran to take you to the Crones. Speak to the Ladies and agree to speak to the ealdorman of Downwarren. 

Travel to Downwarren however you choose and speak to the ealdorman which will start The Whispering Hillock quest. Once the quest is ended, speak to the ealdorman outside of the cave to begin a cutscene where you will meet the Crones face to face.

ladies of the wood

During your talk with the Crones you will go through the Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the Bog quest. Afterwards you will have some more dialog with the Crones and the quest will be completed.

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