The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Crafting Guide

At first glance, crafting may seem to be simple within The Witcher 3, but don’t let the clean UI and intuitive controls fool you. The Witcher 3 is an authentic RPG experience, and as such, the crafting system is robust, but never fear; at EIP, we have you covered with a complete crafting guide.

This guide is meant to explain the many nuances of the crafting system and is intended to help you get the gear you want and brew the potions you need. We have detailed guides showing you exactly what you need to make everything from potions and decoctions to weapons and armor. Sit back, relax and toss a coin to your Witcher. 

geralt looking down complete crafting guide

Before you can craft anything in any game, we are going to need materials. The game loop of the Witcher 3 has you obtaining these base items in four ways:

  • Buying
  • Looting
  • Dismantling
  • Crafting

Even though making money should not be much of an issue for Geralt, you may want to try the alternatives before your shopping spree. Vendors sell a comprehensive variety of crafting materials. 

The Witcher 3 follows in the footsteps of the RPGs, and so, there’s looting. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t try to steal while people are looking; they do not like that. Make sure to check off the beaten path and grab everything you can!

It may seem odd to have crafting listed here, but the crafting system has many levels. Having a certain amount of base materials can be crafted into a higher tier of the material component. Some recipes require a lesser base version of a potion to obtain one of higher efficacy. 

Even though dismantling may cost you some currency, it is still worth it in the long run versus buying them. Break down equipment and items you no longer need to gain a valuable boost to your materials. 

witcher 3 crafting guide dismantle

So we have a bunch of materials to make stuff, now what? Well, you’re going to need diagrams or recipes depending on what you plan on creating. Diagrams are required for any form of weapon or armor to be made at the respective weaponsmith or armorsmith. Now you have the diagram and the materials needed for your item, but now you must consider what proficiency level of crafter you need. Each diagram will tell you the level of the weaponsmith or armorsmith needed. The majority of the smithies will be amateur or journeyman level in your travels, but there are two master-level crafters in the game. 

Fergus the Armor Smith and Hattori are the only two master craftsmen in the entire game. After meeting Fergus in Crow’s Perch, you will be set upon a semi-difficult task for a particular tool-set. You will have to best a rock-troll and an archgriffin before receiving a new set of armor and the ability to craft master-level armor.

You will find Hattori selling dumplings, the second of the master craftsmen, just north of the Glory gate signpost. You will be asked to set out on another quest, albeit a lengthy one. You’ll have three fights and a bit of running around, but you will receive a master tier sword and the ability to craft master-level weapons in the end.

There is one final class of gear, Grand Master, but it is only available if you have the Blood & Wine expansion and travel to Beauclair. 

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Crafting any of the many potions, decoctions, and oils requires a recipe, but it does not require a special location like a blacksmith, unlike armor and weapons. Geralt can craft these on the fly, given he has the required materials. Once crafted, they can be replenished through meditation for one hour. Since the duration and uses are limited, you may find yourself doing this more or less often.

These mixtures can not only save your life with the healing, but they can also offer powerful offensive and defensive buffs that will turn the tide in a fight. For a full list of all the volatile mixes, The Continent has to offer, head on over to our Potions and Decoctions guide!

Any Witcher worth their salt knows that life and death often depend on their equipment. With the proper weapons and armor, you can become a formidable force; lucky for you, some of the best equipment can be crafted with the aid of a skilled blacksmith or armorsmith. To craft any weapon, take your diagram to the appropriate smithy with the required components and a bit of coin, and you will have something quite nice.

You may be wondering what kind of implements you can craft for the disposal of monsters and humans alike, and we have you covered with our Craftable Weapons and Armor Guide!

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