My earliest memories of gaming started at an early age, playing my Atari 2600 so much in one sitting that it caught fire. Gaming has been my passion since that fateful day and will continue to be a driving force in my life. There aren't many types of games that I won't play, except for the TMNT NES. I still have PTSD from that water level as a child.
ladies of the wood

Ladies Of The Wood – The Witcher 3

Follow the quest marker to reach a wooden shrine, then examine it. From the shrine follow the path leading deeper into the swamp until you come across a clump of buildings. Head towards the middle of the area and a…

Geralt surrounded by the Barons men in The Witcher 3

Family Matters – The Witcher 3

At the conclusion of the Ciri flashback, you will resume your conversation with the Bloody Baron. The time has come to begin your investigation into his missing wife and daughter. After you finish speaking with the Baron, proceed upstairs and…

witcher 3 walkthrough

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Walkthrough

Welcome to EIP Gaming’s Witcher 3: Wild Hunt main story walkthrough, it has been broken down into each of the main quests so that it may be easier to navigate and reduce the amount of clutter you may see.  The…

Witcher 3 lilac and gooseberries

Lilac And Gooseberries – The Witcher 3

After your conversation with Vesemir, you will be ambushed by ghouls; grab that silver sword and slay those foul beasts. A key tip to keep in mind when fighting monsters is to dodge instead of attempting to parry. This is…

ciri's story the race

Ciri’s Story: The Race – The Witcher 3

After the cutscene, you will have to race the Baron on horseback. The result of the race will have no impact on anything, so don’t worry too much if you fall behind. That said, it should be an easy race…

the bloody baron

The Bloody Baron – The Witcher 3

Head to the barons castle at Crows Perch to start the quest. After reaching the castle and exploring the village to your heart’s content, head up the hill and speak with the guards at the gate. If you killed the…

hunting a witch

Hunting A Witch – The Witcher 3

  With the Hunting A Witch quest selected, make your way to the village of Midcopse. When you find a blue hut, speak to the woman sweeping outside. On the right side of the cabin is a peasant that routinely…

nilfgaardian connection

The Nilfgaardian Connection – The Witcher 3

After selecting the Hanged Man’s Tree in Velen to fast travel, follow the quest marker to the southwest and head into the inn. Speak to the patrons and the innkeeper. Your drink will be interrupted by some of the baron’s…

beast of white orchard

The Beast Of White Orchard – The Witcher 3

Exit the tower and head back through the camp. Once back at the ground level, the fast travel system will be explained. Approach the sign and choose Woesong Bridge. This point will bring you back to White Orchard Village, where…