Lilac And Gooseberries – The Witcher 3

Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

After your conversation with Vesemir, you will be ambushed by ghouls; grab that silver sword and slay those foul beasts. A key tip to keep in mind when fighting monsters is to dodge instead of attempting to parry. This is your combat introduction.

With your foes vanquished, you will be indoctrinated into more of the game’s mechanics, now with Vitality and Adrenaline points. 

Summon Roach and head to the tavern in White Orchard. The gold quest marker on the mini-map denotes the direction of your quest.

Once you have located the inn, ride into the yard where Geralt and Vesamir make introductions inside. Elsa, the innkeeper, has many wares for sale; click the conversation option the money bag symbol. 

While here, you should walk around the tavern and ask the locals about Yennefer. When you approach the people at the table nearest you, you’ll have the option to use the mind-control dialogue. The conversation option will have the Axii sign beside it. 

As you leave the tavern, you will find angry villagers in the yard; speak with them. They will attack you when the conversation is over, but if you choose the conversation option with the Axii sign, it will reduce the number of assailants. Thwart these peasants with your fists and mount your horse. 

lilac and gooseberries

Following the mini-map indicator, you find yourself at some red brick ruins that is the Nilfgaard Garrison. Walk up the steps and speak with the guards at the top and pass through the gates. 

Once you make it to the tower, speak with the Quartermaster. You’ll find an assortment of items and new swords to add to your inventory, or you can repair what you have. 

When you’re done making your purchases, head up the steps to find the Nilfgaardian commander and begin the conversation. You’ll agree to take on the quest to fight the griffin in exchange for information on Yennefer.

After completing the contract, head back to meet Vesemir at White Orchard’s inn. Once you talk to Vesemir, a sequence of cutscenes will lead to the short quest the Incident at White Orchard.

A series of cutscenes and conversations will conclude the quest as you make your way to Vizima.

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