The Beast Of White Orchard – The Witcher 3

Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

Exit the tower and head back through the camp. Once back at the ground level, the fast travel system will be explained. Approach the sign and choose Woesong Bridge. This point will bring you back to White Orchard Village, where you must mount Roach once again and head out. 

Using the objective marker, make your way to the hunter’s home and knock on the door. The house will appear empty, so you must use your Witcher Sense to look for red footprints nearby, follow them. You’ll eventually find Mislav hunting beasts; talk to him. You’ll then agree to help him pursue wild dogs nearby. 

Follow Mislav, and kill the dogs. This will be an easy fight, so don’t worry. Speak with Mislav once again, and he will take you where the Nilfgaardian bodies were found. 

Once Mislav departs, use your Witcher Senses to highlight points of interest. Examine the various locations. When you have completed your investigation, activate your Witcher Senses and head up the hill until you find more footprints leading to a broken bridge. Jump across and continue following them into the undergrowth beside the road. When the footprints disappear again, go up the rocky slope to your right, jump the chasm and continue until you discover the bloody body of the griffin. 

With your Witcher Senses activated, examine the body at the top of the hill as well as the bones nearby.  Lastly, investigate the corpse of the griffin, completing this portion. 

You’ll need to fast travel to cut down on the distance you need to travel; remember that broken bridge? Head there to find a signpost to interact with to fast travel. You’re going to choose the Sawmill, which is located northwest of where you currently are. 

Upon arrival, summon Roach and head east until you reach the small house highlighted by the quest marker; after you make your way inside, speak with the herbalist. 

You will now be tasked with retrieving buckthorn. It’s not a difficult task to complete, just and bit of questing. Ride Roach to the nearby river to the northeast towards the quest marker. Swim out to the center of the river and activate your Witcher Senses and dive down to the bottom. The plants you’re after will glow.

With buckthorn in hand, mount Roach again, head back to White Orchard village, and head to the inn. Vesemir will be waiting outside, speak to him and prepare to face the griffin.

Before you can face the griffin, you will be taught how to brew the Thunderbolt potion, which will help fight. 

When you’re ready, climb onto Roach and head across the river in the direction of the quest marker. Once you arrive, speak with Vesemir and confirm you are prepared for the battle.

beast of white orchard

Defeating The Griffin

The game will give you directions to equip the newly acquired crossbow and drink the Thunderbolt potion. When the griffin lets out a shriek, that signals it is going to dive at you. Let loose a bolt from your crossbow, bringing the griffin to the ground. If you miss, then be prepared to dodge.

With the griffin on the ground, attack it with your silver sword until it attempts to retake flight. Do your best to stay behind the creature to avoid its sharp claw attacks. If it tries to take to the skies, shoot it with your crossbow to keep it grounded. Important to note, keeping your Thunderbolt buff active is crucial, and you have three uses before it runs out.

Once the griffin has lost two-thirds of its health, it will fly away, immediately give chase. If you lose sight of it, activate your Witcher Sense and move towards the red marker. 

You will find the griffin on a hillside. As you move in, it will attempt to fly again. Shoot it with your crossbow and finish it with your silver sword. 

Once you have defeated the griffin, speak with Vesemir. Loot the griffin’s body of everything and climb onto Roach. You will now need to travel back to the Nilfgaardian garrison, but first head to the northwest to unlock the Mill fast travel, allowing you to get around faster.

Once at the garrison, speak with the commander to receive your reward and experience points for completing the quest.

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