ciri's story out of the shadows
Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Content Type: Gaming Guides

Here you play as Ciri again. Get ready for an immediate fight against the basilisk. If you need any assistance with crafting or weapons check out the rest of the Witcher 3 guides at EIP.GG for more information. When you’re finished with these steps, click the link at the bottom to proceed to the next!

Ciri’s Story: Out Of The Shadows

Now that you’re Ciri once more, you must immediately fight a basilisk. This creature will stay in the air for a good portion of the time, dodge the projectiles and avoid it once it begins to dive. Once the basilisk has landed, attack it from the rear until it flees.

Out Of The Shadows

You must head towards the tower in the distance; the road is blocked, so look for ledges to climb up. The game will now return to the present day, where a decision must be made to help the baron rescue his daughter Anna. Next quest!

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