hunting a witch
Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

With the Hunting A Witch quest selected, make your way to the village of Midcopse. When you find a blue hut, speak to the woman sweeping outside. On the right side of the cabin is a peasant that routinely visits the witch; talk with him. Or… on the south side of the village is a long building with two women talking. Stand within earshot, but not too close, or they’ll realize you’re eavesdropping. 

Follow the quest marker to your destination, and you will find the witch’s hut. When you enter, you will find that the witch has disappeared. Use your Witcher Sense to find valuables to loot and then enter the trap door. Climb back through and examine the skull on the shelf. A portal will open, enter it and follow the path. Speak to the witch Keira and continue through the conversation.

hunting a witch

After your conversation with her, the quest will end.

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