hunting a witch
Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

With the Hunting A Witch quest selected, make your way to the village of Midcopse. There are many attractions here, so explore to your heart’s content. When you find a blue hut, speak to the woman sweeping outside. On the right side of the cabin is a peasant that routinely visits the witch; talk with him. Or… on the south side of the village is a long building with two women talking. Stand within earshot, but not too close, or they’ll realize you’re eavesdropping. 

Follow the quest marker to your destination, and you will find the witch’s hut. When you enter, you will find that the witch has disappeared. Use your Witcher Sense to find valuables to loot and then enter the trap door. Climb back through and examine the skull on the shelf. A portal will open, enter it and follow the path. Speak to the witch Keira and continue through the conversation.

hunting a witch

After your conversation, you will find yourself at the cave entrance, proceed in and go through the portal once the cut scene is over. 

You must battle your way through three Drowners in an unknown location and get them on land to fight them more accessible. When they’re all dead, you should swim down and loot the chest there, then resurface at the end of the passage. When you encounter a blocked part of the passage, use your Aard spell on it. 

As you proceed, be mindful of the fog, it contains a Foglet. Lure the creature out of the mist to quickly dispatch it. You must run through the poison clouds ahead, head down the steps on the other side of the ones you used to climb. Continue following the path and dealing with the Foglets you encounter to reunite with Keira.

You will now see two mounds that will continue to expel rats, destroy the mounds with bombs and slay the remaining rats, speak with Keira.

Continue southwest through the archway into the next room. Speak with Keira once again and follow the quest marker. As you enter the next room, avoid the yellow gas, it hurts. Once you reach the water, take the path leading northwest. The other ways will lead to treasure; check them if you wish, then continue. 

When you reach a large pit with a projection on the far wall, approach the illumination where you’ll gain info on Ciri, then continue to explore the room. 

For this part, if you interact with the incorrect symbol, it will explode, so be careful. Activate your Witcher Sense, and you’ll notice that the room has symbols carved all about it. Head over to Keira, hop over a low wall and look into the water; you should see a bucking horse shape. This is what you want to interact with. When you are ready to depart, dive beneath the surface and locate the passage to the west. When you climb the steps, there will be another bucking horse symbol on the wall to interact with. 

Keira will now call you, head down the path and drop from the ledge at the end. The door nearby should now open for you. As you continue, you will find an archway chalked on the wall, activate your Witcher Sense and interact with the bird symbol to open a portal. 

When you come out on the other side, continue ahead until you reach the golem. Make sure you have your best gear on and the Quen spell at the ready. 

The best point of attack is from the creature’s rear; if the distance is kept, it will charge towards you until it collides with a wall. Dodge and circle behind it and attack several times. When you have defeated the beast, loot it and continue your journey. 

Climb up the wooden platform to the west of the chamber. Once you enter the next room, there will be a path to the left and one straight ahead, go straight, and you’ll find some loot. Once you enter the next room, you’ll encounter the gargoyle.

This is very much like the golem fight; its attacks up close can do severe damage, so keep your distance. When the gargoyle’s attention is on Keira, make your way behind the creature and spell. With the beast dead and its body looted, head back to the room with the two paths. Take the left one this time which will lead you to another chalked archway. Use your Witcher Sense and activate the bird symbol.

On the other side of the portal, follow the steps leading up following the quest marker. There will be loot as you progress, including magical armor near a statue. When you’re ready, head up the final set of steps where a mage will cast the White Frost spell, which needs to be countered. 

Keira will cast a protective spell around her, so stay close. While remaining inside the protective shell, you will need to dispatch the creatures that come after you. Use short combos, or else you may fling yourself out into the cold, where you will take substantial damage. Keira will close it and continue to the next one when all the hounds are defeated at the first rift. Repeat this process until the third rift has been completed. At this point, Keira will collapse and enter into dialogue with you. 

When Keira regains her composure, head through the hole in the wall and up the stairs until you reach a burning torch. There should be a crack in the wall nearby; use the Aard spell to open it. There will be loot deeper in as well as some Foglets. 

Now that you are back to the torch head down the stairs following the quest marker. Before dropping off the ledge, ensure that all of your potions are topped off, and the best equipment is on. When you fall, you will fight the first of the Wild Hunt Warriors.

In the first stage, wait until Keira attacks with magic to make him stumble, then attack a few times from the rear. Once the first part of the health bar is gone, he will crouch and create a protective shield around himself. Stay back, as the protection will do significant damage to you. When the rift opens, defeat the hounds that emerge. 

Repeat the same tactics as the first stage until the hounds reappear. Defeat the hounds once again. If this is done quickly enough, the warrior will not have time to regenerate too much health this time. Now, finish him off and loot the body and surrounding area.

eye of nehaleni

When you’re ready to proceed, climb the ledge and interact with the projection. Speak to Keira and then look for an archway to the east; it should sparkle. Examine it with your Witcher Senses to receive the Eye of Nehaleni. 

There is a crack in the wall to the southwest, and its passage contains lots of loot. Investigate that if you wish, and when ready, proceed to dispel the illusion on the archway. Head through and speak with Keira, where you will agree to help find the elf’s magic lamp. 

There’s a riddle to be solved, but if you’re reading this, then you want the answer anyways. First, light statue number three, then statue number two, then four, and lastly one. 3241. The stone blocking the arch will now move aside. Look to the right of the arch you came through and climb the ledges to find a purple stone. 

Continue down the passage, and you will encounter a golem, dispatch it as you did before and loot the body and the area. When you’re done, head back to the statue room and head south into the following passage. Examine the sparling wall to dispel the illusion and head back outside to speak with Keira.

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