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The top of the trading interface in Hearts of Iron IV.

How Trade Works in Hearts of Iron IV

During your conquests in Hearts of Iron IV, you will inevitably find that running a self-sufficient country is incredibly difficult. As you expand your industrial capabilities and introduce new technologies to your military, the need for different types of resources…

The top of the construction menu in Hearts of Iron IV.

Hearts of Iron IV – Construction & Buildings

Throughout Hearts of Iron IV, the player is bound to construct something at some point. Whether its repairing vital infrastructure or expanding your production capacity, construction is a vital mechanic to utilize throughout your campaigns. What is Construction? Construction is…

General MacArthur and his skills in Hearts of Iron 4

Understanding Commanders in Hearts of Iron IV

What is an army without a leader? In Hearts of Iron IV, commanders are an essential part of warfare who will give you a definitive edge in battle. Understanding the difference between a general and a field marshal, as well…

The Division Designer in Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV Division Designer Guide

A major component to a successful battle plan in Hearts of Iron IV is the composition of your divisions. The division designer gives the player the power to customize every division to their exact specifications. While it is a powerful…