Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.9: New Intelligence System, La Résistance DLC

The next update to Hearts of Iron IV will overhaul the post-conquest process, modifying how garrisons function and introducing intelligence agencies. Resistance to occupation was an issue historically, but it has been a shallow mechanic thus far in game. This patch will introduce new ways to impact resistance and an overhauled garrison system.

The biggest part of the free patch is the garrison overhaul. In the past, players had to order divisions to garrison troubled areas to remove resistance. However, this patch removes that requirement and instead the garrison system occurs off-map.

The garrison management screen in Hearts of Iron IV.
The Garrison Management Screen

Above is the screen that will be used to manage your garrison in occupied territories. Garrisons will be a slow drain on manpower and equipment, with the drain depending on the resistance and compliance levels of the state. If garrisons are not filled then you could have some nasty modifiers from high resistance levels.

Impacts of resistance in Hearts of Iron IV.

Resistance will now include several modifiers that could weaken your countries efforts should it grow out of control. This includes reduced movement speed, increased supply usage, and high attrition rates in provinces with resistance. Compliance is a new mechanic that functions as the exact opposite of resistance. It will increase over time as states become used to the occupation, giving benefits like more factories and increased resource production.

The DLC that is accompanying the patch is La Résistance. With it comes a new intelligence system and several new Western Europe focus trees.

Intelligence agencies will require an investment from your civilian industry to get started, and as you expand it will continue to use more civilian factories. Through your agency you can recruit operatives who serve a variety of purposes, including sabotaging trade and gathering intelligence on your enemy. Operatives will also be able to serve defensively, interrupting other operatives in your country.

The Intelligence Agency Screen in Hearts of Iron IV.

Besides the update to espionage, new focus trees will be released for France, Spain, and Portugal. The Spanish Civil War can now become a much wider conflict, with both Spain and Portugal’s focus trees making that possible. With it’s new focus tree France will now have the opportunity to return to a monarchy.

Patch 1.9 and La Résistance will be available starting February 25th.

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