Aion Classic Lore

The story of Aion is rich and diverse, stretching back thousands of years to the creation and subsequent shattering of Atreia to the present day.

aion classic atreia

I would know because I have seen it all unfold before my very eyes. For now you can simply refer to me as The Observer. I watched as the violent struggle unfolded and Atreia was torn apart. Who is to blame when it is all said and done? Inevitably, it depends on your point of view. The Asmodians and Elyos have chosen to blame one another. While I, unburdened by association with either, seek to collect all that was once Atreia’s written history. I am neither Judge nor Jury, but maybe in my task the truth of the Cataclysm will be exposed.

There is nothing like the abuses of Time, Seclusion, and of course the small matter of my home being split into two, to force you to lose track of the important books of our world

P.C. (Pre-Cataclysm)

  • Humans
  • Daevas
  • Balaur
  • Drakan
  • Empyrean Lords
  • Dragon Lords
  • The Story of Ereshkigal – The Chosen Drakan
  • The History of Legions
  • The History of Aether
  • The Story of Kurngalfberg – Now Beluslan

A.C. (After Cataclysm)

  • The Code of Lepharist Revolutionaries
  • Confession of a Lepharist: Lord Lephar and New Life
  • A Perfect Human: Miracles of Honorable Lephar

Easier than trying to piece the grains of sand of the world back into glass. The stories of the Abyss are being written by brave souls as I speak.

  • The Dredgion
  • The Black Cloud Traders – Handbook

Some of the books of old have now doubt found their ways to shelves of the library in Sanctum. It bothers me that their purity is set besides the volumes of propaganda that no doubt grow in number as the bitter rivalry with Asmodae festers.

  • The Book of the Elyos
  • Herb Gathering Advice – By Gano
  • The Abyss: Discovery
  • The Unknown Abyss: A Tale of the Elyos

Just as guilty as the ones they seek to blame, the books of Atreia rest beside the propaganda of Asmodae, as well.

  • The Book of the Asmodians
  • A Place Called Primum
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