Fallout 4 Settlement Building – Structures

Unless, you’ve been living under a rock, or not visited this site before, both of which are unfathomably unthinkable, you may have noticed that I absolutely love Fallout 4. One area in particular is the settlement building, but Bethesda hasn’t really explained how to do it. Sure, there’s the brief quest chain in Sanctuary, but it’s not detailed enough to be of any real help.

So, I set out to the Commonwealth, and recorded the below tutorial on how to build basic structures in Fallout 4.

If you’re already familiar with building settlements, don’t have 9 minutes or just want the basic list of hints, look below the video.

Putting the floor panels directly on the floor can lead to issues placing attaching floors where the floor is uneven, or covered in clutter. To avoid this, build the first floor of your house above the floor, by using the ladders or floor/step pieces.

Generally, there are two main types of wall, shack walls and standard walls. There is very little difference between the two other than the way they look, however using a combination on the same floor can lead to inconsistencies in the roof height. It’s best to stick to wither shack or regular walls per floor.

If you have a large roof to complete, (i.e. larger than a 3×3 square) you may find it difficult to get a solid and smooth looking roof. For larger spaces I use a mixture of floor and roof pieces to get a better visual effect. Also, roofs can get in the way when trying to add half walls, and fences from the misc. category. In short, use roofs with caution.

If you have built your settlement above the floor from a ladder, you can use the bridges from the misc. section as stilts. They can be positioned anywhere and can usually be set close to the floor above. No more floating buildings or impossibly strong steps.


There you have it. This is part one in what is going to be a series of Fallout 4 Settlement building tutorials.  Stay tuned for further tutorials on power, resources, defence and decoration.

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