ESO Leopard Mount Available During Welcome Back Weekend

The Elder Scrolls Online will be releasing a new ESO Leopard mount during the Welcome Back Weekend special event.

Today, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) sent a reminder email to past beta testers not to forget the upcoming Welcome Back Weekend taking place from April 16 through April 20 (to learn more about this special event, please click here). The email also indicated that all beta testers participating would be awarded 500 crowns to spend in the new cash shop.

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ESO Leopard Mount

The ZOS email further revealed that a highly desirable ESO Leopard mount would be available for sale during Welcome Back Weekend. The leopard was first exposed during a datamined spoiler back in March, but at the time it wasn’t known for sure if the mount would actually make it to the Crown Store (see this article for more information).

Here’s a list of items that will be available for sale, as promoted in the email:

  • ESO Leopard Mount
  • Pledge of Mara
  • Crafting Motifs
  • Skill and Attribute Point Reset

All four customization and convenience items have never been sold in the Crown Store before.

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Elder Scrolls Online forums administrator Gina Bruno provided more information regarding the ESO Leopard mount in a news release.

During this week’s maintenance windows, we will be releasing a collection of new offerings in the Crown Store. One of these items includes a svelte Senche-Leopard mount for 2,500 crowns, available for a limited time from April 16th at 10:30AM EDT through Monday, April 20th. (The option to purchase the Senche-Leopard mount will be removed from the Crown Store during the regular maintenance period on Monday, April 20th for North America and Tuesday, April 21st for Europe.)

A copy of the actual ZOS email is posted below:

eso leopard mount email

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