Chucky Comes to Dead by Daylight

Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?

If you answered “Yes”, you’re in luck, thanks to Dead by Daylight’s 7.4.0 PTB Patch. That’s right: Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise is going to be the next Killer in Dead by Daylight, where he will be given the moniker “The Good Guy”. Not only that, but the iconic serial-killer-possessed-doll is already playable on the PTB, as of 11 AM PST, and will be coming to the full game on November 28th.

Dead by Daylight’s version of the character will be focused on sneaking around the map using his special “Hidey-Ho” mode, prepared to pounce on unsuspecting Survivors using his “Slice and Dice” ability. This is all made even more nefarious thanks to his enhanced movement due to his “Scamper” ability, allowing him to squeeze through pallets and over vaults without breaking them while in Hidey-Ho Mode.

As exciting as Chucky himself is the voice talent behind him: the original voice actor for Chucky, Brad Dourif, will be reprising his role, contributing his iconic voice to the game. But he is not alone, because an alternate skin for Chucky is the Good Gal outfit — influenced heavily by the Bridge of Chucky from several Child’s Play sequels — who will be voiced by the iconic Jennifer Hale.

dead by daylight chucky

So get ready to play peekaboo with your friend ’til the end. After all, every killer needs a cover. Maybe one hiding behind an innocent face? Either way, Chucky is live on the Dead by Daylight PTB and, just like that, Presto! You’re dead.

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