Where to Find Flint (Valheim)

If you want to progress at all in Valheim, you’ll need to find flint. You need it to upgrade your workbench, and it’s a key ingredient in many useful items. In this guide, we’ll show you the best places to look for flint at the start of the game.

How to Find Flint

If you’ve explored the starting area around the Sacrificial Stones, you’ll probably found some water, whether it be the sea or just a river. Either way, you’ll want to head to the water.

Valheim How to Get Flint Water on Map
The water looks fairly grey on the map, and has squiggly lines in it.

If the water you located is the seashore, that can be a decent place to find flint, but not the best. You’ll want to head along the coast until you find a river, and then head inland up the river. Riverbeds tend to be the best place to find flint. If the water you found first was a river, you’re in luck! Just walk up and down the riverbank, and you should find flint galore.

Valheim How to Get Flint River
Just look at it all

It’s also important to note that for now, it seems flint only spawns in the starting area, the Meadows biome. Before you head out to make a base somewhere else, you’ll need to make sure you grab a stack of flint to take with you if you plan on doing any serious crafting away from your starting base.

If you’re no longer in the Meadows and didn’t bring flint with you, a trick you can use to grab more flint easily is to take your character into a new world seed. Hugin the raven will drop you back in the Meadows, and you can follow our guide and find some more flint. When you’ve got enough, just log out, and take your character and their new flint back to your original world.

As of yet, there doesn’t seem to be a way to mine flint, so you’ll have to get your feet wet anytime you need flint. The following recipes require flint:

From Workbench

  • Flinthead arrow x20 – 2 flint, 8 wood, 2 feathers
  • Flint Axe – 6 flint, 4 wood
  • Flint Knife – 4 flint, 2 wood, 2 leather scraps
  • Flint Spear – 10 flint, 5 wood, 2 leather scraps
  • Chopping block [to upgrade Workbench to Level 2] – 10 flint, 10 wood
  • Tanning rack [to upgrade Workbench to level 3] – 15 flint, 10 wood, 20 leather scraps, 5 Deer hide

That’s all there is to know about flint! If you have any questions, or requests for other guides, let us know in the comments below.

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