Valheim Patch 0.212.9 on Public Test Branch: Mistlands Crafting, Enemy, and Fishing Fixes

Iron Gate just pushed Patch 0.212.9 out for testing on the Public Test Branch (PTB). It includes many changes players have been asking for in the Discord regarding crafting, combat, and fishing rebalances and fixes.

If you move to the PTB, remember to backup your saves. Check out our guide for migrating to the Public Test Branch here.

If images like these have brought you disappointment or frustration since the Mistlands update dropped earlier this month, then the new patch was made just for you. Here are the highlights from Iron Gate:

  • Much of the Mistlands gear has been made cheaper and more durable
  • Ballista ammo is cheaper and audio effects have been tweaked
  • Seeker event will no longer spawn Soldier Seekers, and Seeker AI will be less direct to give players a rest
  • Gjall fireball volley reduced to 1 projectile per attack
  • Rugs will no longer stack toward the total comfort level
  • An extra small underground lake added to Frost Caves, and fish in underground lakes will respawn correctly
  • Fixed various animation, effect and gameplay issues
  • Music will fade out correctly for locations when continuous music is turned off
  • Optimized game assets to decrease RAM usage and game download size

Here are the unabridged notes for the Patch 0.212.9 update:

Balancing & Tweaks

  • Mistlands armour and shield recipes rebalanced and durability increased
  • Staffs have rebalanced recipes and stats
  • Ballista tweaks (Increased fire rate, sound effects added when shooting and losing sight of targets, tweaked targeting behaviour)
  • Ballista ammo recipes made cheaper
  • Mistlands Seeker event tweaked (It will no longer trigger in Meadows, Swamps, Mountains or Ocean. It will no longer spawn Seeker Soldiers and the amount of Seekers & Broods has been rebalanced)
  • Seeker AI tweaks (They should now circulate a bit and not be on the player constantly to give them some time to catch their breath)
  • Seeker Soldier and Gjall spawn rate tweaked (Was spawning quite frequently earlier. It’s now much similar to Troll spawns in Black Forest)
  • Comfort from different carpets no longer stacks
  • Gjall will now only shoot 1 projectile at a time instead of 2
  • Hare running speed slightly decreased
  • Tetra bait uses Fenring trophy instead of Ulv trophy
  • Fish in mountain caves will respawn correctly, and small additional lake added
  • Tuna also always takes ocean bait since it is in ocean as well

Fixes & Improvements

  • Stutter fix when walking left with hoe or hammer equipped
  • Fixed animation issues on dual knives idle and block idle
  • Fixed a lighting issue with fog in black forest
  • Fixed an error while viewing a character in the main menu that has a fish in its inventory
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Mistlands boss to escape (Sorry, Your Grace)
  • Spawned skeletons will unsummon correctly after rejoining a network game
  • Find console command shows absolute position rather than offset
  • Mating hens no longer sound like boars
  • Correct effects will now be shown when placing marble bench and table
  • Music will fade out correctly for dungeons and locations when continuous music is turned off
  • Some locations that had looping music will now only be played once
  • Various networking changes to solve connectivity issues when using crossplay
  • Sounds, music, animations and textures have been optimised to save around 485 Mb of RAM and to decrease the download size of Valheim by approximately 420 Mb
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