How To Dodge — Valheim

A dodge in Valheim is a roll used to evade enemies, avoid damage, and gain the position for a counterattack. This guide will tell you how to dodge using default control settings, when to use the maneuver, and which enemy attacks are better dodged than blocked.

In order to dodge, you first need to hold the block button, which by default is the right mouse button (RMB). Then press the spacebar. You will roll backwards and end up facing the other direction. If you keep holding the block button, your character will turn around to face forward again.

If you want to dodge in a different direction, you just need to press the movement keys (W, A, S, D by default) in the desired direction and then the spacebar. Again, you will face in the direction you rolled. This can be helpful if you mean to run away, but if you want to reengage the enemy you will have to turn your Viking to face it again.

Every dodge takes a significant amount of stamina. If you are using a fighting style and equipment where dodging is frequent, it might be best to prioritize maximum stamina and stamina regeneration in your food and mead choices.

The immediate reason to dodge is to avoid an attack. The backward roll dodge can move your Viking out of the hitbox of a powerful attack, and a sideways roll can allow you to avoid a ranged attack that cannot be blocked completely.

  • Dodge attacks that are guaranteed to enflame, poison, or slow your Viking on contact, such as from Greydwarf Shamans, Blobs, Drakes, Cultists, and Growths.

Another reason to dodge is to avoid damage, especially if you are using a 2-handed weapon instead of a shield. For a brief time in the middle of the dodge animation, your Viking will be invulnerable to anything but burn damage (such as from poison gas or flame jets).

However, at the start and end of the dodge animation, you will be vulnerable to regular hits, as well. This means timing is critical. You want the enemy attack to land in the middle of the dodge animation.

  • Dodge through powerful attacks from enemies with reach or tricky delays, such as Trolls, Abominations, and Stone Golems. This puts you close in front of the attacker, an advantageous position for a counter attack.
  • Dodge through ranged attacks from enemies like Skeletons and Fuling Shamans to close the distance to them and counterattack while they are idle. This is especially helpful while you work on perfect blocks of their projectiles.

The last reason to dodge is as a first step to running away. At the end of a dodge, your character will face in the direction of the roll, which sets you up nicely to escape. Remember that each dodge will consume a chunk of stamina, so don’t spam it and make sure you maintain enough stamina to run afterward.

how to dodge valheim roll escape
No. Just… No. Roll and run to tighten the formation of tough enemies like Wolves, Fulings, or Seekers. Then blocking and crowd-control weapons like the Frostner will be more effective.

Now that you have the mechanics and basics of dodging down, it’s time to practice. Make sure you set up a spawn point nearby in case your timing is off.

Hope you found this dodging guide helpful! Let us know what you think of this guide in the comment field below, and what other guides you might like to see for Valheim.

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