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Getting anything done in Valheim necessitates using your tools quite a bit, and you’ll find your first stone tools in need of repairs fairly quickly. Luckily, it’s free and easy to repair your tools. All you need is a workbench: press [E] to use the workbench, then click the small hammer icon Repair Icon Valheim to the left of the workbench menu to repair an item.

greyed out repair button valheim

Each time you click the repair button, it will repair one item in your inventory, so just click it as many times as you need until all of your items are repaired. You’ll know you don’t have any more items to repair when the button greys out (see right image).

If you have advanced items, the workbench won’t be able to repair them. Instead, metal items must be repaired where they were created, at a forge. At the forge, you can use the exact same method as you do with workbench items, simply clicking the repair button until your items are repaired.

We hope this guide on repairing was helpful! If you’re looking for more help learning how to Viking, we’ve got a comprehensive beginners guide and a whole bunch more Valheim guides and information.

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