AFK Egg Farm Fix — Valheim

The Valheim Patch 0.213.3 which developer Iron Gate recently pushed to the Public Test Branch may have broken your away-from-keyboard (AFK) Egg farm. This post will show you a quick modification to fix it and restore your factory farm to its highest output.

The main issue is that existing egg farms rely on the large distance between the Hen and the Egg it lays. This allowed the Egg to spawn outside of the coop and fall far enough that it no longer counts toward the Egg limit.

egg farm fix for patch 0 213 3 broken egg farm floor blocks egg drop
After Patch 0.213.3, Hens no longer lay Eggs through the walls of their Coop. They spawn on the same floor supporting the Hens.

The Patch reduced the spawn distance so that Eggs are laid directly below the Hen, instead. Eggs will collect on the floor of your coop without falling. The task is to modify the design to allow eggs to fall again.

The fix is very simple. However, you may need to modify the position of your coop and possibly anything connected to the coop, such as egg shoots and hatcheries below. If you haven’t already, build a typical Egg farm up to the point that you are ready to place the coop where the laying Hens will reside.

Build your 2×1 (or 3×1 or longer) trough, as usual. However, make sure to use 1×1 Wood Floors as a base, and place Wood Beams along the outer edges of the Wood Floors. It is also a good idea to rotate the Wood Walls so that the smooth side is on the inside. The other side will collide more with hatching Chickens and increase the chance they spawn outside the trough.

Once you raise your laying Hens in the coop, destroy the 1×1 floors below them. The collision box of the Hens is larger than the approximately 0.7 meter square hole in the bottom. The opening however, is large enough for any spawned Eggs to fall through the bottom.

egg farm fix for patch 0 213 3 hen cages removing floors
Well, its not the Pentagon. However, by using a base of Wood Beams you can levitate your laying Hens, allowing their Eggs to drop freely again.

Here are a few other tips to remember while you adjust your build:

  • When placing eggs in the trough to grow your laying Hens, try to place them in the center of the 1×1 wood floors. Placing a backboard above the trough to bounce the eggs off can help with this. You can also drop several eggs into the trough, and then kill all but 1 of the mature Hens that get trapped inside.
  • Make sure your adjustments to the build still allow the eggs to drop at least 12 meters so that your Hens do not stop laying eggs when the Egg limit is reached.
  • There is no reason your coop needs walls at all. The purpose is to keep the Hens in place while being able to feed them from the outside. You can do so with a 1x1x1 cage made from 1m Wood Beams. 1×1 (Iron) Cage Walls or Wood Shutters may work, as well.
egg farm fix for patch 0 213 3 full egg farm
Thankfully, Eggs still do not break, regardless of how far they fall! I wish I could say the same for my egg drop test in science class.

We hope you found this AFK Egg farm build guide helpful and that your farm is up and running again. Now, fry up an Omelet and bake some Honey-glazed Chicken, ’cause you’ve got Eggs for days!

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1 year ago

What does a coup mean? If I google it I get the political thing, or a figurative use of this

Reply to  anonymous
1 year ago

That should be coop! We’ll fix it, thanks for the correction.

Reply to  DanielD
1 year ago

thanks, I didn’t know that word either (English is not my native language) but a quick search informed me that it is the pen in which you keep chickens

2 months ago

how do you feed them properly? if its inside the cage it falls and throwing it outside takes a doctorate