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Who knew being a Viking was so much work? Between logging, mining, crafting, and construction, it’s hard to even find time to go and slay those mythical bosses. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks designed to make your Valheim game more efficient. This list will be updated periodically, and do drop us a comment if you have any tips or tricks for us to add to our list!

  • Until you’ve got a full stack (50), grab every berry and mushroom you see. It never hurts to have extra food, especially when your max health and stamina rely on it.
  • In that same vein, kill every boar and deer you see. Cooked meat is good for your HP total.
  • Speaking of hunting, you should learn to hunt with both bow and spear. The bow is nice, but it has it’s drawbacks (pun intended). Learning to use the spear can be very effective against deer, as you don’t have to stop moving to charge up your attack like you do with the bow. You can throw the spear with the secondary attack button (Mouse 3 by default).
  • Aim high with ranged weapons. ‘Nuff said.
  • While exploring near your base, chop fallen logs for wood instead of cutting down live trees. This method drastically reduces the time you’ll have to spend, as you skip the step of felling the tree, and then the step of splitting the fallen tree in two.
  • If you don’t have enough materials for multiple higher-tier items/objects, don’t forget that you can disassemble things without losing any materials. You can then use those materials to build something else you need. Note that there is a bug that does destroy some materials when disassembling, so break stuff down at your own risk!
  • You start to drown when your stamina gets to 0 while swimming, so only start swimming at full stamina.
  • If you want to cross a river or lake that is too big for your stamina bar, see if there are any large rocks in the body of water. You can regain stamina in water by “standing” on rocks.
Valheim Guide Tips and Tricks Regen Stamina In Water
If the rock is angled right, you can rest on it and recover your stamina while swimming
  • Even Viking warriors need their rest. Anytime you return to your camp, hang out near your bed until you get the “Rested” buff, which will be visible in the upper right of your HUD. Being rested grants +50% hp regen, as well as +100% stamina regen. This makes exploring much quicker and safer, and the buff lasts for 11 minutes to boot.
  • Speaking of regen, did you know being wet reduces your hp regen by -25%, as well as reducing your stamina regen by -15%? Try to avoid dunking yourself while exploring in order to keep your stamina regen high.
Valheim Tips and Tricks Jump Over River Stay Dry
Jump over rivers to stay dry
  • Being cold also impacts your regen, causing -50% hp regen and -25% stamina regen. For this reason, go to sleep at night if you don’t have warm enough clothes, or else spend the night crafting and cooking. The hp and stamina regen debuffs make exploration at night dangerous.
  • When chopping trees, look for trees that are bunched together to chop. Ideally, find trees where you can hit both of them at the same time. Even if that’s not possible, hitting a tree that is near other trees can cause a domino effect, and sometimes you can knock down multiple trees just by chopping a single one down.
  • If you’re being attacked by Grey Dwarves or other mobs while chopping trees, try to position yourself so you can hit the tree and the enemy at the same time.
  • Always have torches in your inventory if you plan on exploring Valheim’s underground crypts. You don’t want to have to navigate them in the dark.
Valheim Tips and Tricks Exploring Use Torch
Oh, hello

We hope these tips and tricks help you out in your journeys through the 10th world! Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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2 years ago

So uhh…if you have access to a smelter you have access to a charcoal furnace. Theyre built from the same materials and its basically instantaneous to swap them for each other. Theres no reason to waste precious food for smelting. Other than that, good list