Windcaller’s Pass: Skyrim’s Best Fan-Made Dungeon?

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Windcaller’s Pass may possibly be the best fan-made dungeon in all of Skyrim.

Undoubtedly, Skyrim is one of the best video games ever created. The game is not only fun and addicting, but will go down in the annals of time as a game that helped define a generation. With its open world concept and immersive qualities, Skyrim offers a gaming experience like none other.

One of the things that helps keep Skyrim fresh is the amazing modding community. With Skyrim mods you’ll never get bored. On Steam alone, there are close to 22,000 mods just waiting to enhance your Skyrim experience: enhanced graphics, new spells, new followers, and more dungeons to explore.

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Recently, I became aware of a fan-made dungeon named Windcaller’s Pass. This mod immediately caught my attention because:

  1. I thoroughly enjoy dungeon diving in Skyrim,
  2. I’m still deeply upset there’s no more official DLC addons (see Game Over! No More Skyrim DLC for my initial reaction to the disappointing news).

Windcaller’s Pass is a custom dungeon created by a modder named RadLyte. The mod is available on both Steam and Nexus (see end of article for links). With Windcaller’s Pass you’re able to explore a new dungeon that crawls beneath the depths of High Hrothgar. Not only is HH a cool location for a dungeon (brings to mind the Mines of Moria in the Lord of the Rings), it provides both an interesting and convenient way to traverse the Throat of the World with it’s two entrances (see map below).

windcallers pass map
The north and south entrances of Windcaller’s Pass.

Windcaller’s Pass could possibly be the best fan-made dungeon in all of Skyrim. True, the dungeon doesn’t take that long to complete (about 30 minutes or so), and it doesn’t offer anything radical outside of the scope of the game (crazy graphics, new monsters, etc).

I suppose this is why I like it though. Windcaller’s Pass fits in so well with the rest of the game. The mod is lore friendly and true to the style and feel of Skyrim. It’s like being home again, with lots of fighting and lots of loot. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Windcaller’s Pass, and I soon forgot that I was playing a mod created by a fan.

According to RadLyte, Windcaller’s Pass is a dungeon suitable for characters level 20 or above (medium difficulty, but hard at some points). The mod can be downloaded here:

Steam Download

Nexus Download

For more information and to get a feel for Windcaller’s Pass, check out the following YouTube video. Until next time fellow travelers!

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8 years ago

Holy crap this is seriously underrated can you send me a pic of the Mines of Moira.