Skyrim’s Silver-Blood Inn

Come on in. The Silver-Blood Inn has plenty of strong drink and clean rooms. -- Kleppr, Co-Owner of the Silver-Blood Inn
Come on in. The Silver-Blood Inn has plenty of strong drink and clean rooms. — Kleppr, Co-Owner of the Silver-Blood Inn


Hello fellow travelers! The next time you visit Markarth, be sure to visit the Silver-Blood Inn. Conveniently located just inside the city gates, this inn offers hospitality, hot meals, and plenty of interesting character interactions. The inn is named after the fabled Silver-Bloods, the most influential and prosperous family in all of Markarth, and is co-owned by Kleppr and Frabbi — a husband and wife duo with a keen acumen for business and belittling barbs. So pull that chair closer to the fire and grab a refreshing Honningbrew Mead as we meet the family that runs this fine Nord establishment.

Skyrim-KlepprAs previously mentioned, Keppr is co-owner of the Silver-Blood Inn. He can usually be found behind the bar, and is a good source for job leads and the latest rumors. For 10 gold he’ll even rent you a room if you decide to stay the night. When he’s not serving customers he’s usually arguing bitterly with his wife, Frabbi. Here’s an example:

Keppr: What was that you said, venomous wife of mine?
Frabbi: Nothing, you pig-headed oaf.

Favorite quote: This is The Silver-Blood Inn. If I can’t get you something, I’m sure my wife will bellow at me until I can.

Skyrim-FrabbiFrabbi really puts an emphasis on customer service, and wants to make certain her guests are happy, encouraging patrons to come right to her if they find an unwashed floor or lumpy bed. She’s not afraid of hard work, and can be found throughout the inn’s main areas, seeing to the business’s management.

Favorite quote: Unlike my husband Kleppr, I watch after our guests.

Skyrim-HrokiHroki is the beautiful daughter of Kleppr and Frabbi. She has a cheerful, easy-going personality and although it must be difficult to be a member of such a dysfunctional family, she seems to take her parent’s constant bickering in stride. Like her mother, she’s not afraid of hard work and is often found sweeping and asking after the welfare of the inn’s patrons.

Favorite quote: Don’t mind the yelling. My parents are always going at each other.

Skyrim-HreinnHreinn is the son of Kleppr and Frabbi. He comes across as somewhat aloof and disinterested in his family’s business. Perhaps it’s his parents’ constant squabbling that makes him distant. Despite this however, he goes about his chores dutifully, if without much spirit.

Favorite quote: My father Kleppr is the one you want to talk to. I just clean up.



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