Daedric Artifacts: What You Need To Know

Daedric ArtifactsSkyrim is absolutely amazing, and gamers can literally spend hundreds of hours exploring the vast, open world and still not experience everything the game has to offer. There are close to 300 quests alone that players can undertake — everything from recovering lost treasure to tracking down criminals, and everything in between. Some of the most challenging and profitable quests are the Daedric Quests.

The Daedric Quests are special tasks that players undertake for Daedric Princes — seventeen supernatural Lords that rule the planes of Oblivion. There are a total of 15 Daedric Quests in Skyrim, and each quest is independent from one another. For a walkthrough of each Daedric Quest, please refer to the Skyrim Fansite’s A Guide to Daedric Quests in Skyrim.

Upon completion of these special adventures, players are rewarded with unique and valuable Daedric Artifacts. These powerful items can be very useful to players and can be used throughout the course of the game. Daedric Artifacts exist as either Weapons, Apparel, or Other Items. Please refer to the following tables to learn more about Daedric Artifacts:

[table caption=”Daedric Artifacts: Weapons” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|20|20″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Quest Name,Daedric Artifact,Value,Unique Power

The Cursed Tribe,Volendrung,1843,Warhamer that absorbs 50 Stamina points/hit

Pieces of the Past, Mehrunes’ Razor,860,Dagger with 2% chance to instantly kill opponent

The Whispering Door,Ebony Blade,2000,Two-Handed Sword absorbs 10 Health points/hit; can be upgraded to 30 Health points/hit by slaying friendly characters

The Break of Dawn,Dawnbreaker,740,One-Handed Sword +10 Fire damage; Undead explode into blue flames causing nearby Undead to flee

The House of Horrors,Mace of Molag Bal,1257,Mace drains 25 Stamina and Magicka points/hit; steals enemy soul if killed within 3 seconds

A Night to Remember,Sanguine Rose,2087,Staff that summons Dremora for 60 seconds

The Mind of Madness,Wabbajack,1565,Staff that casts unpredictable spell on enemies or randomly changes enemy into a different enemy

Waking Nightmare,Skull of Corruption,1680,Staff that causes +20 Damage; upgraded to +50 damage when powered from dreams of sleeping people


[table caption=”Daedric Artifacts: Apparel” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|20|20″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Quest Name,Daedric Artifact,Value,Unique Power

Boethiah’s Calling,Ebony Mail,2000,Heavy armor enchanted with Muffle spell; inflicts 5 poison damage/second to enemies
A Daedra’s Best Friend,Masque of Clavicus Vile,1277,Enchanted mask regenerates Magicka 5% faster; +10 Speech; 20% better prices

Ill Met By Moonlight,Savior’s Hide or Ring of Hircine,2679 : 400,Savior’s Hide +15% Magic Resistance + 50% Poison Resistance; Ring of Hircine grants unlimited werewolf transformation each day

The Taste of Death,Ring of Namira,870,Ring granting +50 Stamina and 50% Health and Stamina regeneration from feeding on corpses

The Only Cure,Spellbreaker,225,Shield granting +50 Magicka resistance when Blocking


[table caption=”Daedric Artifacts: Other Items” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|20|20″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Quest Name,Daedric Artifact,Value,Unique Power

The Black Star,Azura’s Star or Black Star,1000,Reusable soul gem that can trap white or black souls

Discerning the Transmundane,Oghma Infinium,2500,Book of knowledge; +5 to Warrior Mage or Thief skills


While the Daedric Quests can be challenging to complete, the Daedric Artifacts make excellent rewards for the intrepid adventurer. The items are unique and powerful, and a complete collection is an accomplishment to be proud of. How many Daedric Artifacts have you collected and what is your favorite? Share your opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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