Skyrim Meets Fallout With Apocalyptic Mod

Skyrim Meets Fallout Featured

One of the most exciting things about Skyrim is the striking visuals. Whether you’re climbing the Seven Thousand Steps of High Hrothgar or simply knocking back a mug of Honningbrew Mead at the Sleeping Giant Inn, the world’s most popular RPG gives off an unmistakable vibe that mesmerizes and captures the imagination of gamers. The province of Skyrim is a real place full of flora and fauna, snow and ice. You can walk the lonely road from Riverwood to Whiterun, or explore the hidden places of the wild on your own two feet. Skyrim isn’t a game — it’s an experience. And the world that envelopes you truly is like none other.

Skyrim Meets Fallout

Well leave it to a modder to blow it all to Oblivion.

The Vendayn mod completely wrenches the life out of Skyrim, transforming the once idyllic landscape into an apocalyptic horror. Gone are the vivid colors and sweeping vistas. In it’s place is a world stripped of its very soul leaving nothing but ash — cold and uncaring. With Vendayn, Skyrim becomes a place where even Molag Bal would find no pleasure. The world becomes dark, foreboding, and oh so depressing.

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But why would anyone want to suck the life from the province that we all  love so well?

The idea is genius, actually. The mod’s creator (who happens to be named Vendayn), isn’t some masochist taking pleasure from turning the world upside down. Yes, an apocalyptic event has taken place responsible for tearing apart the landscape, but it’s the reason behind the event that makes the Vendayn mod so compelling.

According to the mod’s creator:

War destroys and changes land… My goal is to add a lot of destruction to the world, in part, to show the war between Imperials, Stormcloaks & Thalmor has taken a destructive underscore to the land and its inhabitance, the effects of Morrowind itself affecting Skyrim.

The reason behind the mod gives an even sadder feel to the landscape, showcasing the effects of a world plunged into a civil war in which there can be no victor. War is Hell. And Hell my friends is Vendayn. Check out the following screenshots and prepare to be miserable:

Skyrim Meets Fallout 2

Skyrim Meets Fallout 3

Skyrim Meets Fallout 4

Skyrim Meets Fallout 5

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