Skyrim Helmet Fit For A Dragonborn

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This Skyrim helmet looks amazing in my Elder Scrolls collection!

I’ve always appreciated the amount of dedication and artistic talent it takes to be a cosplayer. Last September we ran the Amazing Skyrim Cosplay article that featured some of the best Skyrim cosplay this side of Cyrodiil, and a few months later I had the pleasure of interviewing Gekroent to gain insight into the creative process and motivation for her brilliant work.

Gekroent was inspirational, and after her interview I began toying with the idea of trying my own hand at cosplay. Unfortunately though,  when it comes to building things I’m all thumbs and I lack the artistic talent to create my own costume and props. True, I built a chicken coop once (as far as I know the chickens weren’t complaining), but chicken coops don’t translate into kick-butt armor, shields, and the like.

Knowing my artistic limits, I began scouring the internet for help. It was then that I stumbled upon an eBay seller who crafts one amazing Skyrim helmet. Take a look at the following pictures and see if you don’t agree.

The seller’s handle is wiegandworks, and you can view his eBay page here. For $98.00 + shipping you can purchase the fully painted Skyrim helmet like I did, or save a few bucks and spend $85.00 + shipping for a non-painted version. The shipping cost may appear to be expensive, but the Skyrim helmet is an oversized item (pricier to ship), and the US Postal Service doesn’t work for cheap (unlike the Skyrim couriers). Besides, wiegandworks did an amazing job packing the helmet in a brand new, sturdy box chock-full of Styrofoam peanuts. My Skyrim helmet arrived in pristine condition, looking like it came straight from Eorlund Gray-Mane’s forge.

These are the things that I really like about my Skyrim helmet:

  1. It looks amazing, just like the one worn by Dovahkiin.
  2. The paint job is excellent (far better than I could have done), making the helmet truly look like it was forged from iron.
  3. The helmet is solid, made from thick plastic. True, the helmet won’t turn aside a battleaxe swung by an enraged Orc bandit, but it’s definitely not flimsy or cheaply made in any way.
  4. As solid as the Skyrim helmet is, it’s surprisingly light and comfortable to wear. I could easily wear this at a comic con or gaming convention most of the day without any problems.

Whether or not I become a cosplayer is yet to be seen. Regardless, I’m extremely happy with my Skyrim helmet, and it makes an awesome display piece in my growing Elder Scrolls collection. Fus Ro Dah!

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Skyrim Helmet Review


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