Skyrim Funko Pop! Coming 2015

skyrim funco pop

Skyrim Funko Pop! collectible figures are coming in 2015.

Skyrim is finally getting the Funko Pop! treatment in 2015. According to this year’s “12 Days of Christmas” company reveal on the Funko Funatic Forums, CEO Brian Mariotti shared that Funko will be releasing a new lineup of video game Pops! including Skyrim, Fallout, The Evil Within, and more.

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Funko Pop! vinyl figures are highly collectible. The diverse toy lineup features some of pop culture’s most famous characters and personalities, covering the gamut from Marvel heroes to NFL stars. The toys are instantly recognizable, featuring oversized heads with chibi-like faces. They’re cute and affordable — most Pops! selling for around $10 each on Amazon, Hot Topic, and other websites.

funko pop mass effect
Soon Skyrim will have its very own Funko Pop! figures — just like Mass Effect.

Funko hasn’t specified the exact Skyrim characters being produced in 2015. At this point it’s anybody’s guess, but it’s hard to imagine the Dragonborn not being at the top of the list. Symbiote Studios has already transformed Dovahkiin into a vinyl figure, so it’ll be interesting to see a Skyrim Funko Pop! interpretation… if there is one.

skyrim funko pop dragonborn
Symbiote Studios has previously made the Dragonborn into a vinyl figure.

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Here’s the complete list of Funko Pops! being released this year (source: Skyrim and other video game Pops! are in bold:

2015 Funko Pops!

Hanna Barbera Wave 1:
Dastardly, Muttley, Secret Squirrel, Morocco Mole, Lil’ Gruesome and Mean Machine Ride
Hanna Barbera Wave 2:
Squiddly Diddly, Penelope Pitstop, Ricochet Rabbit, and a mystery figure
The Flash TV Show
Gotham TV Show
Green Arrow TV Show
Saved by the Bell
Fall Out
The Evil Within
Disney’s Aurora
Princess and the Frog
LOLA Ride from Marvel Agents of Shield
Deadpool Chimichanga Truck
Breaking Bad Crystal Ship
A-Team Van
Classic and New Battlestar Galatica
Bravest Warrior Cat Bug and Impossibear
New Cinderella Movie
Family Guy
Once Upon a Time
Monty Python Holy Grail
Doctor Who
Orange is the New Black
21 Jump Street
Pixar’s Inside Out
Talladega Nights
American Horror Story Freakshow
Fifth Element
The Strain
Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
Bob’s Burgers
Fight Club
Galaxy Quest
Kung Fu Panda
Sesame Street
Star Wars Episode 7
Tokyo Ghoul
Fairy Tail
Soul Eater
Death Note
Maybe Sailor Moon

So what do you think? Are you excited about the upcoming Skyrim Funko Pops! What Skyrim characters do you feel should be immortalized in collectible vinyl? Share your thoughts and opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below, and please consider joining the Skyrim Fansite if you haven’t already done so. Until next time fellow travelers! Keep your eyes on the skies.

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9 years ago

I think that the characters that should become a vinyl toy are Kharjo, Alduin, Paarthurnax, and Grelod the kind, and lastly a female dark elf because that is what my character is in Skyrim since i’m the type of person that mainly uses magic as weapons. My name is PoopyMonster in the game.