Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: April 18, 2011

Skyrim Info

As you know a lot of new Skyrim info was released today through a number of media outlets. Luckily for you we’re here to make your life a little bit easier. We’ve taken a look at these previews and gathered up all of the important information and put it into a couple small lists.


  • Dragon battles are like random mini boss battles
  • The eight attribute categories have been cut out
  • All skill increases fill an overall leveling gauge
  • There will be skill trees
  • There is a sprint button
  • Perks will alter your current skills (Ex. A slow-mo perk will assist your zoom-in skill when shooting a bow.)
  • Books can give you clues on solving dungeon puzzles
  • Graphics have improved greatly since Oblivion
  • Dragons will roam free
  • NPCs will have jobs during the day (Lumberjack, Blacksmith, ect.)
  • No more persuasion mini game
  • Dragon shouts will be 3-tiered abilities
  • Dragon shouts will not have an effect on your magicka level
  • There are dragon shouts to blow enemies away and slow time
  • Dragon shouts will come from words on walls, stone etchings and other things
  • Some dragons speak English
  • It’s possible to equip dual healing spells for a stronger healing effect
  • Combat has been revamped to look more natural


  • Left and Right arms are mapped to separate buttons
  • There will be finishing/execution moves
  • Spells can be saved for quick access later on
  • The map screen is a 3D zoomed-out view of the actual world with intense detail
  • More voice actors
  • Some creatures won’t attack on sight
  • Stealth has been revamped and depends on the players actions
  • You can learn new spells by collecting tomes

Rock Paper Shotgun

  • You can knock dragons out of the sky
  • Stories and quest lines are randomly generated
  • Skyrim is the same size as Oblivion
  • There are over 120 dungeons
  • The world is more alive; wolves will attack mammoths in packs
  • The conversation screen has been revamped – no more awkward zoom
  • Character builds will be more varied
  • The creation engine allows for a further draw distance
  • You can destroy local businesses and shops
  • Skyrim has a real -in-game economy which is effected by supply and demand
  • You can work for local businesses (i.e. chop wood, mine, etc.)


  • Skyrim is more detailed and interactive than Oblivion
  • Your character no longer floats above the world


  • Butterflies will land on flowers and fly away if disturbed
  • Skyrim begins with you being led to your execution
  • New character models
  • Giants will shake your screen as they walk past you

That’s it for now, we’ll keep you posted as more Skyrim info hits the web.

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