Enchanting in Skyrim

Enchanting has always been a part of The Elder Scrolls series, who doesn’t enjoy adding a little fire magic to their sword? In past Elder Scrolls games enchanting your weapons was an expensive task and required you to speak to an Enchanter or use an altar. Collecting soul gems of the more vicious beasts, which resulted in the best enchantments, was sometimes a little difficult as well. With Bethesda’s latest release Skyrim enchanting takes a new and more interesting form which fans of the series are sure to appreciate.

Enchanting still involves enchantments and soul gems but it’s done a little differently this time around. One way players can learn new enchantments is by looting enchanted weapons and disenchanting them. After you disenchant a weapon the enchantment type is added to your list of enchantments and the weapon itself is completely destroyed. To enchant your own weapon you’ll need to select which weapon you want enchanted, the enchantment and the soul gem you wish to use. During the enchantment process you will have the ability to adjust the charge and damage per hit settings. The more charge your weapon holds the less it damage it deals per hit and vice-versa.

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