Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – Top 10 Questions

Since I wrote my review post on Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, I have hits from a number of people asking various questions. So purely out of the kindness of my heart I have taken the top most asked questions and provided the answers. If you’ve found this post, hopefully I have answered your question.

Which ingredients are used to make the Blacksmith’s Potion/Draught/Philter/Elixir ?

Mixing any of the following together

  • Blisterwort
  • Glowing Mushroom
  • Sabre Cat Tooth
  • Spriggan Sap.
…will give you the ‘Fortify Smithing’ attribute, depending on your skill and the ingredients you use you can increase Smithing by either 20/30/40/50 points. The potion is called the Blacksmith’s Potion/Draught/Philter/Elixir accordingly.

Smelter Locations

elder scrolls v skyrim screenshot image pictureI always head to Whiterun for all my crafting needs. The Blacksmith there who is very handily positioned right next to the front gates and has all the equipment you need for crafting. I’m afraid I can’t provide you with a list of absolutely every smelter in Skyrim, that would take far too long.


Limit to number of perks gained

Not that I have heard. I believe that although the level CAP is set at 50, You can continue to improve your skills and gain perks indefinitely.

Is spark a good spell?

It is the lowest ranked electricity spell. It is powerful compared to others of its level but it is also the most expensive in terms of magicka as well. The spark school costs the most amount of magicka to cast compared to frost and fire but the spells hit much quicker and much harder. They also have the advantage of draining the enemies magicka as well as their health.

Can I go to a place I haven’t discovered?

No sorry, well not by fast Travel. Unlike Oblivion, even the places that are visible on your map from the very start of the game cannot be fast-travelled to until the ‘You have discovered X’ message pops up on the screen after visiting the place.

Although, you are able to visit any of the major cities of Skyrim (Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markath, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Winterhold) by speaking to the cart and horse owner outside one of those cities. For a fee he will instantly transport you to a major city of your choosing.

I always walk everywhere for the discoveries, ore veins and combat experience.

‘Raise zombie’ and ‘How do you raise zombie?’

Providing that there is a dead body (It does have to be one that you have killed yourself, rather than one of the pre-placed just for looks dead bodies.) then select ‘Raise Zombie’ aim at the corpse and fire. Simple.


How do you find the Argonian wine

It took me a while to find this. It is in the Tavern called the Bannered Mare, in Whiterun. Head to the kitchen, and wait for the cook to leave. If she’s using the spit, try to use it yourself. The message ‘Someone is already using this’ will pop up, the cook will then stop and leave the room.

Once she has left the room, you can grab the bottle of Argonian wine from the top of the cupboard. It is in an unsuspecting brown bottle.

Does Cooking raise Alchemy skill?

No sorry. Cooking isn’t counted as a skill, though the food you can prepare can provide a number of benefits such as health, or temporary buffs.

What is the plant re-grow time

It takes about 30 in-game days for a plant or an ore vein to replenish itself. It seems a long time, but there’s a crap load of plants and ore out there so you’re not going to run out.

Can things catch fire?

No they can’t, but they do look like they can. When an object is hit by a fire spell such as flame or firebolt, a residual amount of flame continues to burn there for a few seconds.

There is a mod which will allow wooden objects to set on fire and cause damage to anyone near enough, and as soon as I find out its name I’ll put it here.


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Raven Lee
Raven Lee
12 years ago

On PC, you can. Use the console command to unlock every map point. You can fast travel to any point after that. But, if you disable that feature again, you lose any saved map points you used to have, so you’ll have to relearn them.

“Can I go to a place I haven’t discovered?
No sorry. “