New Skins for Rust Console & PC (September 15th) – Pixel, Knights Templar, Cow Moo, & More

This week we have one of the most stacked weeks I’ve ever seen, with continuations of 3 single items that are from some of the most popular sets of all time. In addition, three new armor set continuations, and a new door is a must-buy for all players.

This week might go down as one of the best weeks in the Rust Store’s history. Twelve skins have been added, including three individual skins that are completing sets. There are also two armor sets that are fantastic additions to mostly dormant collections, a clothing set that is an excellent continuation, and a door skin that will go down as one of the best wooden door skins in the game’s history.

blackout sar

Starting with the set additions, we received the Blackout SAR. The blackout set has been one of the most iconic to be added to the game in the last few months. The clothing set is one of the most popular I have seen in a long time — everyone loves these skins. From the red iron sights to the overall clean black aesthetic, it is no wonder this is a staple set.

We also received the two missing pieces of the Black Gold, and Azul sets this month. These have been highly anticipated and are welcome additions. The black gold boots are stylish, and the Azul boots look fantastic. Overall, these set adds are superb and should sell well.

This week we received one of the most popular meme sets, just in road sign form. The Cow Moo set, or as it is affectionately known, the Moo Moo set, is arguably one of the most iconic sets in Rust. Cow Gang and Moo Moo gang are two of the most notorious roaming skins. Overall this absolute unit of a set is more than welcome in the world of Rust, and I will be picking this up.

Along with the Moo Moo set, we received an addition to the Knights Templar set. The Knight’s Templar set has a long but dull history; initially introduced in October last year, this set has seen little activity. It received a roadsign addition the following November but since then had no adds until now. Now with the new metal set, I’m happy to see this set come back into the limelight. I am very interested to know if we will get any other additions; for instance, I think a matching sword skin would round this set out perfectly.

The pixel set is another set that’s been ongoing for a while. Originally released in December of last year, the pixel set has had multiple pieces but is typically contained just to items and deployables. Seeing this set move into clothing is very interesting; I wonder if they will be viable with the slight glow these items typically include. Normally dress that glows doesn’t do too well, but we will see how this goes!

This patch came in hot with two incredible door skins. The Visage set has been notoriously one of the most popular glowing sets launched in the last few months. The Molten and Glacial variant garage doors skins are two affordable yet trendy skins from that set. The Deadsouls collection continues with the metal door alongside the Wooden Door from last week.

This week received two skins for Rust Console. While a little underwhelming, this is expected for the second and third weeks of wipe. The Tribal Bone Club is a continuation of the tribal set we are familiar with now, and the Solid Gold L9 is a new skin that looks extremely clean — I expect it to be trendy among console players.

I think this will go down in history as one of the best weeks ever for Rust PC (at least in terms of skins). On the other hand, for Console, it wasn’t really comporable. I hope everyone has a lovely rest of their month going into the third week of the wipe. As always, survivors, stay rusty.

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1 year ago

Love the cow skin ! Can’t wait!!