The Ultimate Balancing and Quality of Life Update – Rust News 12/1

This month there are a bunch of fantastic quality-of-life updates and balancing changes coming to Rust. From reworking the car lock system to new event notifications and more, this update will genuinely make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Firstly, there are some needed changes to combat this update. Here is the breakdown of that:

  • Burst Mode
    • Burst can now be toggled using the “M” bind.
    • Burst module slightly lowers the aim cone.
  • LR & MP5
    • MP5 and LR now have an inbuilt burst module.
  • Slug Ammo
    • Slug now does 50% damage at 40 meters+ instead of 75% at 80+.
    • Slug does 100% damage from 0-20m instead of 0-10m.

Car Keys have been removed from the game and replaced with Code Locks. Here are the features:

  • Add, change, or remove code locks from a car at any vehicle lift.
  • Code locks prevent vehicle mounting – except for taxi modules – and prevent storage access. Players in a taxi module cannot swap seats to any other module type.
  • To capture a car with code locks, you can reduce the health of a seating module to 20% or less, enabling an option to break the lock.
  • Alternatively, a new code can be set there if you can push the car to a vehicle lift. Note that locked cars cannot be pushed into safe zones.
  • A mounted player can flip the Central Locking switch in a cockpit module to unlock all doors, temporarily disabling code access. Code locks on the car’s exterior will light up green instead of red. If all players in cockpit modules dismount, the central locking is automatically re-engaged.
  • After entering the correct code, players are automatically whitelisted and won’t need to enter the code again.
modular car locks
Car Code Locks

The system added to normal walls in 2019 which created a cube preventing auto rebuilding during raids has now been added to high external walls. The timer of this debris is 2 minutes.

High Wall Debris

Players will be automatically notified via a small UI prompt when world events begin, including Cargoship, Oilrig crate, Ch47 Cargo, etc. This is meant to encourage players to engage with world events more actively and addresses a growing problem of players using third-party services to gain this information instantly before others and having an unfair advantage.

Quarry will now run on diesel instead of lowgrade. The amount that quarries produce has also greatly increased due to this. In addition to spawning at the Dome, Oil Rigs, and Junkyard, diesel fuel now spawns at the following monuments: Water Treatment Plant, Power Plant, Military Tunnels, and Airfield.


Some changes have been made to Junkpile AI; they can no longer see through bushes, and they will now act more defensively, firing at you for a shorter duration.

Animals will now also roam further away from beaches and avoid them for the most part. Polar bears will now only roam in the arctic.

You can now eat food off the ground! See how it works here:

New Way to Eat

  • Netting has been fixed for an easier experience. You will no longer get stuck on the top of the frames.
  • Turret Auth is now easier, as the menu will not close each time you add a player.
  • Wall placement will now be easier as walls will place on top of others without needing to look down.
  • Cloths will now only go into the Clothing slots of lockers with auto-fill.
  • Sam Sites now have a pass-through.
  • High Stone gates and T3 will now show the full model when placing.

Overall the whole player base should be happy with this update, as it adds some much-needed Quality of Life improvements to the game. There are a lot of positive changes to the game and a lot of fixes that will make playing easier than ever. As always, survivors, enjoy your force wipe and stay rusty!

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