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Today, a massive update came to the world of Rust. For the first time since the HMLMG was added by the Combat Update in June, a new gun, the Prototype 17 Burst Pistol, has been introduced, alongside a fire rate attachment. The update, which launched earlier today, also added a new caboose train car, where you can play poker. These changes come with some of the more typical bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

prototype 17
Prototype 17

The main thing added by this update is the introduction of a new pistol, called the Prototype 17. The Prototype 17 is a burst fire pistol, firing three shots with each pull of the trigger. It does 40 damage and has an accuracy of 4, putting it on par with the Burst P2. It has an ammo capacity of 18 and can take all attachments, and it takes all pistol ammo.

The Prototype 17 is a military-grade weapon, meaning it can be found in Military Crates, Elite Crates, or on Heavy Scientists.

rust prototype17 firstperson
Prototype 17

The introduction of the Prototpye 17 also brings with it the introduction of the Burst Module, which modifies a gun so that it can fire in 3-round bursts. This module can be put on any weapon tier-2 and above that use pistol ammo.

The new caboose train cart its the newest peak of luxury in Rust. After all, this train car doubles as a casino! Inside you’ll find a poker table with four seats, two slot machines, and a brand new blackjack computer that can handle 1-3 players.

This is sure to be a fun addition to the game, and you can read the Gambling Section of our Rust monument guide for information on how to play.

new caboose
New Caboose

The most interesting thing in this Caboose is the new Black Jack gambling computers. It works just like traditional Blackjack (with a Blackjack payout of 3:2). While here, you can be anywhere between 5 and 500 scrap. But be sure to keep an ear out for what’s happening nearby – this Caboose isn’t a safe zone!

black jack
Black Jack computer

There were also improvements made to seeing monuments at a distance. Check it out in the image below for a comparison.

monument rendering at a distance
Monuments at a Distance – Before and After

That’s all this month! Though it gives us plenty to play with, between the new gun and casino on rails, there are no other huge, notable changes. So, get out there and win some money at Blackgack, or get your hands on that Prototype 17! Either way, survivor, stay rusty!

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