Mining Outpost – Rust Monument Guide

In this guide, we will be exploring the Mining Outpost monument. This guide contains the general strategy and meta for the monument, a map with Crate spawn locations, and callouts so you can more easily navigate the monument.

For info on how to read the map and some more general information about the guide, please refer to the Map Key in the Main Guide.

Mining Outpost is a decent, if small, Tier-1 monument. It has plenty of Crates for its size, as well as a Recycler. Its relative simplicity makes it a fun place to have a classic low-tier battle.

The best strategy at this monument is to camp in the small room inside. From here, you can wait for your enemies to come to you while watching the door, or you can peak out from here, using the walls of the room as cover. Using the high ground can still be effective here, but you have to be careful because of the lack of cover on the roof and in high areas within the Outpost.

mining outpost monument map
Mining Outpost Monument Map

Take a trip over to Mining Outpost in your next wipe! Afterward, make sure to check out our other Monument Guides for information on the other monuments.

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