Abandoned Supermarket – Rust Monument Guide

In this guide, we will be exploring the Abandoned Supermarket monument (Lovingly referred to as “Sperm Ket”). This guide contains the general strategy and meta for the monument, a map with Crate spawn locations, and callouts so you can more easily navigate the monument.

For info on how to read the map and some more general information about the guide please refer to the Map Key in the Main Guide.

Often called “Sperm Ket” because of the remnants of its sign, Abandoned Supermarket is a tier-one monument with decent loot spawns. This includes at least one Military Crate (with the potential for many more), a green card, multiple barrels, and plenty of food. It even has a Recycler around the back, though making use of it can often prove deadly.

abandoned supermarket inside
The Abandoned Supermarket

Although Abandoned Supermarket has minimal tactical loot, it is incredibly valuable because of the amount of food that spawns. It generally has enough food to feed a team of at least two for quite some time. Food and hydration tend to be undervalued in the Rust community, and so taking advantage of this spawn can be a very strategic move. Being well-fed and hydrated will heal you over time, increase your chances of standing up, and increase your comfort.

If you find yourself in a fight at the Supermarket, the best thing to do is to hold the roof. There are only two ways to get up to it — via the ladder or by using a Recycler jump — and so you can turn those spots into kill spots against those trying to contest the high ground. To combat someone using this strategy against you while in a group, you can flank the roof by having one member use the ladder while the other uses the jump. If you are alone and faced with the same obstacle, it is best to use the Recycler jump, since the ladder will block your ability to shoot, making you an easy target.

abandoned super market monument map
Abandoned Supermarket Monument Map

The following callouts correspond to the image above:

  1. Lower Roof
  2. Filing Cabinet Room / Trap Room
  3. Top Roof
  4. Office / Green Cardroom
  5. Red Car
  6. Supermarket Inside
  7. Pallets

Make sure to take a trip over to Abandoned Supermarket in your next wipe to keep your Food and Hydration up! Once you’re done, check out our other Monument Guides for more information on the other monuments.

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