Rust Skin Review (October 27th) – Halloween Items, Pumpkin Gear, Ghost Items, and more

Prepare for fright, because we have an astounding line-up of skins, just in time for Halloween. Naturally, as a massive fan of Halloween, I would expect some higher scores on these skins, but we shall see if they live up to the hype! So without further ado, let’s investigate these wicked skins.

First up on the docket is the Pumpkin Roadsign armor set! This set is sweet! The pumpkin color is perfect for Rust; it’s not too vibrant, having a pretty realistic set of colors. The vines holding everything together are such a great touch. I think the little jack-o-lantern carvings all over the armor are great details, really enriching the skin! Although this skin set is pretty cool looking, you will stand out like a sore thumb on the battlegrounds. So with all of that in mind, I give this skin set a solid:

2.7 out of 5

crossbones crossbow

Next up is the Crossbone Crossbow. Now, talk about a classy skin! The black and white makes for a clean color pallet, and the bones have some lovely detailing. This skin is simple and to the point, and that’s what works about it. It executes its intended aesthetic perfectly. It even has some thematic iron sights as a bonus. Overall, I give this skin a:

2.1 out of 5

ghostly flames garage door

The Ghostly Flames set started about two years ago and has been slowly growing with every passing Halloween. Some highlights from this set are the Ghostly Flames Door and Large Box. This skin ultimately keeps up with the aesthetic these other two iconic skins established, and it does so amazingly. The gray and green with the runes and stone is an iconic look. Even all the little ghosts seem unique with great character! The glow on this skin is fantastic; it is subtle but visible, giving the perfect vibes for the spookiest time of the year. Overall, I give this skin a:

4.5 out of 5

midnight ghost ar

The Midnight Ghost AR is a fascinating skin. The skin seems like a wallpaper that was wrapped onto an AK-47. The whole skin is just… fake-looking. It is aesthetically unpleasing, and seems very out of place for the game. The grim reaper figure on it, while kinda cool, is also out of place. And, finally, the glowing poses a problem on a gun: it makes you more visible when fighting at night and makes the weapon extra easy to find when you drop it.

While I like the effort in this skin and the direction they took with it, I can’t give it a high ranking. Overall, I give this skin a:

-2.5 out of 5

ghost pumpkin box

This skin is a continuation of the Ghost Pumpkin small box, released last year during the Halloween event. That skin is one of the most common small boxes I see, especially for glowing ones. This skin lives up to its predecessor well. The glowing is subtle, but tasteful (a common theme in the Halloween skins), and I like the face on the top. In other words, it’s spooky without being over the top. The texturing is also realistic and seems like something that could be made in-game.

Overall, this skin is pretty nice! I give it a:

2.2 out of 5

ghost blaster dbs

This skin is pretty cool, but there is one thing I just don’t get! And that is that it looks similar to the Raider DBS, the #4 most valuable DBS skin of all time. It’s even a sawed-off, like that one. Besides that one thing, I think it’s a neat skin, but that is hard to overlook once you notice it! The yellow in black is a vibrant color, but it seems like it could be done more realistically with tape. The other disappointing thing is that the only part of this skin that references ghost blasting is the little crossed-out ghost. Honestly, if it weren’t for that, I would say this makes a perfect Toxic skin set skin. But it isn’t that, so…

Overall, the bad weighs out the good on this skin. I give it a:

-3.5 out of 5

ghostly sleeping bag

This is cute skin, the little bats with their super cute little patches/pillows. Now, while I would consider this skin a little basic under normal circumstances, there are just a few details that make this skin shine. As this bag shifts into nighttime, the bats gain a purple glow around them, and the white fades into a light glow. The patches even get a little shine! This purple glow is subtle and not overwhelming, unlike some other glowing skins.

I just love this skin; I give it a:

4.3 out of 5

ghost halloween sar

The Ghost Halloween SAR is another excellent skin. Again, the stockless variant just works so well for the SAR. One amazing detail with the is that the hand grip behind the trigger is hollow, creating a fantastic effect with the metal that would hold the grip just being wrapped in ivory white tape instead. The other astonishing detail with this skin is just the level of detail. The skin has an intricately detailed sculpting piece on the side that is just chocked full of Halloween elements.

Overall, I enjoy this skin, the coloring is super on point, and the details make it! I give it a:

4.1 out of 5

halloween wooden door

This wooden door skin is just… wsell, it’s a door. Super straightforward. It is perfectly Halloweeny with the spider webs, cross, and bat carvings, but it isn’t much more. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say; this skin is mediocre.

With that, I give it our first:

0 out of 5
A perfect middle.

scarecrow rock

While this rock skin may seem cool and unique to the outside eye, this skin is highly underwhelming. Unfortunately, this is just a reskin of the very successful pumpkin rock from 5 years ago. One of my biggest pet peeves is reskinning. So many other concepts could have been done as a Halloween rock skin, a little slime, a jack-o-lantern, or maybe a flaming pumpkin head like the headless horseman. This is just a disappointment on so many levels for me. I give it a:

-4.5 out of 5

skull mausoleum furnace

The Skull Mausoleum furnace is another cool-looking skin, especially in color. I love this red and black aesthetic, the touches of red coming out of the stove and lining around, even inside the eyes of the skulls. Speaking of the heads, they wrap around the base of the furnace in a pretty unique way that creates an exciting base. One of the most underrated aspects of a furnace skin is the top, and this one excels at that. The top is well-detailed without being over the top! Overall, I give this skin a:

2.1 out of 5

rug from hell

The Rug from Hell skin is my prediction for post-Halloween’s most sought-after skin from this set. Consistently, the From Hell Set performs amazingly on the market. And this rug skin falls perfectly in suit with the rest of the set. The red and black pattern is simply iconic at this point, and this will be instantly recognizable to anyone in the community. The glow on this skin is perfect, as is the color palate. My only gripe with this skin would be the corners; they don’t add much and just seem unnecessary and distracting. But aside from that, it’s near-perfect skin.

I give this skin a very well-deserved 4.8 out of 5

That rounds out the skin review this week! A very solid set of skins, especially for the Halloween Season (with a few stinkers). If you want to read more about the Halloween items, be sure to check them out here. Happy Halloween, everyone, and enjoy your wipe!

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