Valhiem Mistlands Update Goes Live — Plus a New Animated Trailer Drops

Greetings Vikings! Early Tuesday morning, beta testing for the long-awaited Mistlands update has concluded and the content is now live!

The update is now live on the main branch. If you were playing on the public-testing-branch (PTB), you can now go to your Steam Library, right-click on Valheim, choose Properties, and then set the beta test option to none. It might be a good idea to back up those save files again. Check the pinned messages on the #public-test-branch channel on the Valheim Discord server for instructions.

Along with the live update, Iron Gate and Coffee Stain studios put together a new animated trailer. It tells the story of a pair of heroes who have just finished off Yagluth, and illustrates their journey to the threshold of the Mistlands. Along the way, you will pick up a new companion: a helpful wisp that illuminates your path as you venture into the unknown.

Just like the new trailer suggests, make sure you literally pick up the Yagluth loot from the ground, or from a chest where you had stored it until now. Only when you put it into your inventory after installing the Mistlands update will you unlock the recipe that uses it. In fact, as the beta-testers already know, make sure you try picking up all your old items to unlock several new recipes in the Mistlands update (such as the new fishing bait recipes and seasonal Yule decorations).

Also remember that the new Mistlands content will only spawn in regions you have yet to explore, so consider moving to a new world if you explored most of your Mistlands biomes prior to the update.

Hope you enjoy all the new content, including powerful new ranged weapons and a massive fishing system expansion! Happy sailing! Keep an eye out during the coming days and weeks for several helpful guides to the Mistlands and other popular Valheim content.

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