Skyrim Dragon Shouts

skyrim dragon shouts

Skyrim Dragon shouts will bring a whole new dynamic to the game.

If you’ve been watching and catching up on any of the features or gameplay mechanics of the latest Elder Scrolls installment, you’ve probably at least heard the term, “Dragon Shout”.

A lot of what you have come to know and love about the Elder Scrolls series will be reminiscent in this upcoming installment – Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim. Expect more hack and slash melee skirmishes, epic magic, and stealth (with some new interesting twists). What you don’t know about though is that fabled and majestic sounding ability the Dragon Shout.

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Skyrim Dragon Shouts

Skyrim Dragon Shouts will bring a whole new dynamic to the game and is entirely separate from a players lineup of spells. Attaining all of the different Dragon Shouts available throughout the game will be a difficult feat. Entirely randomly throughout your adventure you will encounter dragons. There is nothing static about them – sometimes even more than one at a time. Upon slaying said dragons, you will have the opportunity to absorb some of their power. This isn’t as simple as it sounds though – expect some questing involved to make use of the abilities to their full extent.

The concept ties into much of the lore of the Elder Scroll series. If you’re fresh on your TES history, you would know that in Skyrim there is a mountain called the “Throat of the World” where mortals known as “Dragonborn” go to train with a guild named the Greybeards. In fact, the first main emperor Tiber Septim trained with the Greybeards and was said to be able to make entire villages flee through just the use of his voice.

Will we be able to grow so powerful that we will be able to make villages flee with Skyrim Dragon Shouts?

I guess we will have to wait to find out.

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