Skyrim Adventures : Part 1 Waking Up in Solitude

Skyrim Adventures is the saga of a Kally, a khajiit thief making his way in the world of Skyrim. It all starts here, keep glued to this blog for further exploits.

Part 1 Waking Up in Solitude

Skyrim Adventures Khajiit Kally faceKally woke up to the smell of burning candles and stone. He rubbed his head and discovered a rather large and painful bump that he doesn’t remember. In fact he doesn’t remember much at all. His name’s Kally but the rest is more than a little hazy, except for his love for gold and treasure that part was loud and clear, but where the hell is he? And what the hell happened? He checked his pockets and found he was carrying a bow, a few arrows, 50 gold pieces, a couple of apples some stale cheese and a handful of lockpicks.

‘Alright Sir, can I ‘elp you?’ said a guard in a deep voice. Well, at least that told him where he was. The guard’s uniform was that of the Solitude guard. Kally looked around the torch lit stone corridors and down into the torture pit below, ‘I guess this is the barracks then or something’ he thought. Solitude is one of the richest cities in Skyrim. Kally smiled, things were starting to look up already. He may not have any clue what happened but that doesn’t mean he can’t help himself to whatever he wants while he’s rediscovering himself.

‘No, I’m fine thanks. Just admiring your”¦ errr”¦ barracks.’ He replied to the guard once he realised he was still waiting for a response.

The guard nodded and continued his patrol.

Waiting until the guard had disappeared around the corner, Kally deftly ducked into one of the side rooms and helped himself to the iron armour and gauntlets lying on the shelves, as well as a pair of hide bracers resting on the table. The armour was much too heavy and clunky for him to wear but it would at least fetch a fair price, assuming he could find someone to fence it for him. The bracers he kept for himself.

For the first time since he woke, he felt his stomach and it was empty. He scoffed one of the apples, and then a giant bite out of the cheese. The latter turned out to be a mistake, the cheese had gone off days ago and only the insects and meal-worms within it, seemed to be enjoying it at all. Kally’s stomach turned and he was soon being violently ill all over the guard-room. Dropping the rest of the stale cheese on the floor, he left the little room to look around the building and see what else he could lay his hands on. He kept an eye on the guard patrolling the corridors, and crept into each room steal anything he wanted; a plate of leaks, some more iron armour, a few iron daggers.

He crept down the stairs and ended up in the barracks’ torture room, the place was covered in spilt blood and bits of dead criminal. A cold shiver ran up his spine, would they do this to petty thieves? Also how ‘petty’ was petty. He had about four suits of iron armour on him now, plus various goblets, plates and items of food the Solitude guards had left lying around. Not everything was to sell though, he found a whole suit of hide armour, with only a few blood stains on it. He picked it up and tried it on, a perfect fit. Now he was starting to look like an adventurer.

The torturer spotted Kally as he crept through the door, and made some rather off-colour comment about him, but she soon busied herself with one of the torture devices on the far wall. Kally sidled up to her as close as he could, staying in her blind spot so that she couldn’t see him and started to gently go through her pockets, expecting to find the key to the prisoners cells but there was nothing in them except some cheese and a few gold coins. The though off the cheese made Kally’s stomach turn, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to jail for a few gold and some mouldy cheese. Kally turned back around, it may be time to leave the barracks. He looked at his meager purse of gold, fifty gold pieces. He held the coins in his paw ‘I think the first thing we need to do is a get you lot a few more friends.’ Should be easy, there are plenty of expensive looking shops in Solitude, and they would all be closed now. Kally grinned gleefully, and walked outside into the cold night air.

Skyrim Adventures Kally leaves the solitude barracks

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