Our Predictions for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim-PredictionsThere has been quite a bit of news released on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so far, clearly not enough for the fans, but it’s something to wet our appetites. There’s going to be a lot of changes in Skyrim with both the content of the game and the systems that run it. This is where we decided to do some predictions to see how close we get to the final product. Some of the things listed are partially announced items so it’s kind of cheating, but predictions none-the-less.

Skyrim Predictions

  • Players will be allowed a pet to aid them during their long hikes in the mountains of Skyrim
  • Dungeons will feature more puzzles than before, sometimes unlocking hidden passages
  • Protection spells will be more powerful to compensate mages for the lack of armor
  • Armor and weapons will be customizable
  • Pets will be able to carry a large amount of items for the player
  • NPCs will run and show fear of those of you who tend be a little more evil
  • NPC training will be reduced or completely removed
  • A form of Silt Strider will make an appearance, no more “random” fast-travel
  • The Dark Brotherhood will return, but the night mother won’t
  • The Grey Fox will continue to live on
  • There will be a floating island
  • The ability to become a werewolf will play a prominent role in Skyrim
  • A faction of cutthroats will lead you into a life of pure barbarianism
  • Skyrim will take 112 hours to complete
  • There will be a quest where you must destroy dragon eggs
  • There will be lumber jacking
  • Skyrim will blow your mind

Some of the predictions might be a little strange but what’s the point of guessing if you can’t be completely off sometimes? What do you think will make an appearance in Skyrim?

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