New Skyrim Jewelry Features Hircine’s Ring

Hircine’s Ring headlines an expanded Skyrim jewelry collection available for pre-order at the Bethesda Store.

Yesterday, the Bethesda Store announced an expanded lineup of new Skyrim jewelry. A total of four new pieces join the current Skyrim collection, including for the first time a wearable ring.

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New Skyrim Jewelry

The new Skyrim jewelry includes:

  • Hircine’s Ring
  • Amulet of Arkay
  • Amulet of Kynareth
  • Stormcloak Necklace

These four additions join the Amulet of Mara, Amulet of Talos, Nightingale Necklace, and Dragonborn Shoulder Plate Necklace. The Bethesda Store can now boast an impressive collection of eight handcrafted pieces in the Skyrim line.

As mentioned earlier, Hircine’s Ring is the first Skyrim jewelry that is neither necklace nor amulet. While the ring may not be an actual cursed Daedric Artifact, turning its wearer into a powerful werewolf, it’s still certain to draw a lot of interest from Elder Scrolls fans.

Cast in solid sterling silver, Hircine’s Ring is available in sizes 6 through 12, and can be worn by both men and women. The ring is accurately modeled after its in-game counterpart, complete with hand carved wolf’s head.

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Hircine’s Ring and the new Skyrim jewelry is handcrafted by world famous RockLove (the same studio responsible for the earlier pieces). Besides the Elder Scrolls, RockLove has been commissioned to design and handcraft licensed fandom jewelry from Star Trek, Dragon Age Inquisition, True Blood and more.

The new Skyrim jewelry can be pre-ordered at the Bethesda Store here, with an expected ship date of June 1, 2015.

All pieces are $95 USD + shipping (with the exception of the Stormcloak Necklace, which is $120 USD).

Hircine's Ring
Hircine’s Ring
Amulet of Arkay
Amulet of Arkay
Amulet of Kynareth
Amulet of Kynareth
Stormcloak Necklace
Stormcloak Necklace
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