Everything Is Awesome In These Skyrim LEGO Movies

Two new Skyrim LEGO movies recreate the Dragonborn’s story in loving detail.

LEGO master and Skyrim aficionado, The Guildmaster Studio, has released two Skyrim LEGO movies on YouTube. In his movies, The Guildmaster Studio recreates the opening sequence of Skyrim with the beloved building blocks of our childhood.

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Skyrim LEGO Movies

The first of two Skyrim LEGO movies was released last month on February 1st. The movie, LEGO Skyrim Ep. 1: Unbound, tells the familiar tale of the Dragonborn being hauled in chains to Helgren. The Guildmaster Studio totally nails the scene in glorious stop-animation, including all the fine details Skyrim fans would expect. There’s the familiar prisoner wagon, the taciturn Ulfic Stormcloak, Lokir’s ill-timed escape attempt and death by Imperial archers, the beheading of the impatient Nord, and of course the Dragon. The Guildmaster Studio even includes a clever animation sequence showcasing the Skyrim character creation process LEGO-style.

The second movie, LEGO Skyrim Ep. 2: Before The Storm, was released just two days ago. This movie continues the Dragonborn’s adventure after arriving in Riverwood. From there our hero makes his way to Whiterun to report the Dragon attack to the Jarl (fighting a wolf pack along the way). The Guild Master studio recreates the familiar story in caring detail, setting the stage for a third movie to take place in Bleak Falls Barrow (can’t wait to see how he portrays this primo dungeon delve chock full of Draugr, a giant Frost Spider, and the Dragonborn’s first Word Wall).

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I’ve attached both Skyrim LEGO movies below. If you’re a Skyrim and LEGO fan, I’m sure you’ll agree that everything is awesome. Take a look and be sure to send The Guild Master Studio some love by liking his movies and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r21j-3u9Vs”]

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qWROEoNqQ0″]

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