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Just a quick heads up for Skyrim and Elder Scrolls collectors — the Bethesda Store is running a special sale on two variations of the Dragonborn statue. Both the Dragonborn Statue and the Dragon Priest Mask Variant are on sale through May 12, 2014 for roughly 33% off.

The statues aren’t cheap. As limited edition collector pieces they command a high price. Normally, the Dragonborn Statue sells for $300 and the Dragon Priest Mask Variant sells for $370. During the course of the sale however, the price drops down to $200 and $250 respectively, definitely putting the price in reach of more collectors and Skyrim fans.

If you’re considering adding either of these statues to your collection, you’re unlikely to find a better deal. At the time of this article, a quick search on eBay shows that sellers are asking anywhere from $290 to $350 for the Dragonborn  and $387  to $465 for the Variant.

Both statues are produced by Gaming Heads, the same company who manufactured the ESO: Imperial Edition Molag Bal statues. Unlike the Molag Bal statues however, these collector pieces are cast from high quality poly-stone. The statues were sculpted by the amazing Alejandro Pereira, who based his designs  from the official Skyrim artwork.

Here are the statues’ main features:

  • Dragonborn Statue is limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide
  • Dragon Priest Mask Variant is limited to only 250 pieces, and was a Quake Con exclusive
  • 1/6 scale
  • 16 inches tall (including base)
  • Hand-finished and hand-painted
  • Dressed in hand-tailored fabrics
  • Includes deluxe, full color packaging
  • Hand numbered base
  • Certificate of authenticity

Here are some pictures of the Dragonborn Statue, courtesy of the Bethesda Store:

Dragonborn Statue 1

Dragonborn Statue 2

Dragonborn Statue 3

Dragonborn Statue 4

More pictures courtesy of the Bethesda Store:

Dragonborn Statue 5

Dragonborn Statue 6


Dragonborn Statue 8


To learn more about the limited time sale, please visit the Bethesda Store:

Click here for the Dragonborn Statue.

Click here for the Dragon Priest Mask Variant.

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