1UP’s Fact You Didn’t Know About Skyrim

Skyrim-Horse-CombatToday 1UP released a list of 20 facts on 20 games they haven’t mentioned yet and one special fact happened to be on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here’s what they posted:

“There is a story to go along with the creation of the dovahkiin (the dragon language, fully developed with a font, dictionary, and everything): According to game director Todd Howard, he told lead designer Emil Pagliarulo to come up with the dragon language. Pagliarulo had a small bit of writer’s block, and over one weekend, had brewed some mead (an alcoholic beverage created with fermented honey). “Maybe it was the process of brewing mead; maybe it was from drinking all that mead. Whatever the case, I can say that after a mead-filled weekend, Emil came into the office on Monday with the dovahkiin language completely mapped out.”

The perfect cure for writer’s block; Mead. Maybe we’ll see a Dovahkiin language dictionary packaged with the Collector’s Edition version of Skyrim?

Source: http://www.1up.com/features/twenty-facts-twenty-games

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