RUST September 1st Patch: Hardcore Mode, Model Changes, General Fixes, and more

Rust was already considered a challenging game by most standards, with a brutal landscape and an even more brutal player base. Today, Rust gets even more complicated with the addition of hardcore mode. The newest feature in the world of Rust, hardcore mode takes away most of the elements players have begun to take for granted to make a more complex, calculated version of the game. Some of the highlights from these removals include no safe zones, a limited map, and no compass. Along with adding hardcore mode, today’s patch also includes some general model updates and the usual fixes.

The map is gone; welcome to hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode takes away all of the usual luxuries of Rust, making the game significantly more challenging. Communication with your team is a necessity. Memorizing your map and locations is a must. Prioritization of your sleeping bags is a new challenge. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Added
    • Local chat (100m range)
    • Limit of 5 sleeping bags & beds
    • In-game changelog (top left of inventory)
  • Removed
    • Contact system
    • Compass
    • Crawling when wounded
    • Global chat
    • Rust+
    • Team System
    • Map
    • MLRS

Facepunch has also decided to launch ten hardcore servers with the launch of the game mode. They have said they will add more servers if the demand exceeds these.

For server owners – To enable this for your server, use the following var in your server startup config: “-gamemode hardcore”.

New furnace UI in action

Today’s patch includes changes to the furnace UI. The traditional way of using the furnace is now gone, replaced with a more streamlined interface. Along with this UI change, all furnaces and cooking containers will now only hold either food or smeltables, which means that you can no longer use barbeques, campfires, large furnaces, or refineries for storage. This change also applies to all skins and retextured versions of these items. Sadly, this also means the end of small box barbeque storage rooms. To balance this, Rust has buffed the amount of storage in boxes. Please read about that here.

Storage is better than ever in the world of Rust! Large boxes will now hold 48 items from the previous 30, and the small box will now hold 18 from the previous 12. This change is also interesting because large boxes and coffins are currently on the same storage level as this update.

storage buff
Storage Buff in-game

There is a new way to enter the Coaling tower from the top where the suspended bridge is-making contesting the monument easier.

These changes should make it easier to flank the people who are in the tower, overall making it a more balanced area in the monument.

The reclaim and marketplace got new designs as of this update. These will replace the old ones and are a pleasant change.

Here are the rest of this month’s quality of life changes and extra fixes, in gallery form!

  • Better line of sight check when deploying sleeping bags and beds
  • Slightly better mesh level of detail and batching performance
  • Hapis Island: The two big road tunnels have been reworked and improved.
  • Trees should no longer block ziplines
  • Use a single pickup UI widget when hitting resources
  • Add global.consolescale convar to change font size in console
  • Vehicles like minicopter can now more easily land on and take off from train wagons
  • Distant gunshot sounds are more muffled and reverberant
  • The nailgun attack is quieter
  • Added a new option in the experimental settings to enable Optimized Loading for faster loading on SSDs
  • Fixed rail mesh sometimes not being completely smooth
  • Fixed exception at server startup on certain map seeds
  • Fixed edge case where the player could receive fall damage after respawn
  • Fixed camera snapping after closing inventory on OSX
  • Hapis Island: Fixed roads surface clipping.
  • Hapis Island: Fixed all the little cliff holes we’ve identified and reported.
  • Hapis Island: Various other bug fixes.
  • Fixed sprays lasting too long when sprayed indoors
  • Fixed “Too close to monument…” messages appearing incorrectly when attempting to build
  • Fixed some cases where changing spectator target while first-person spectating wouldn’t hide the player’s body
  • Fixed not being able to delete items in the UGC browser
  • Fixed players on train tracks sometimes parenting to an oncoming train instead of taking damage from it
  • Fixed Twitch Rivals trophy clipping through the world when dropped
  • Fixed Sign collisions
  • Fixed Small sign being unable to be deployed on boxes
  • Fixed Water flickering when using TSAA has been resolved

That’s all for this month’s patch; for more information on Hapis and Twitch Rivals, please read the official Facepunch patch notes here. As always, adventures, good luck with the wipe, and stay rusty!

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