New Skins for Rust Console & PC (September 22nd) – Digital Camo Set, Tempered, Retro Blast, & More

This week we saw a multitude of skins added, from blue camo sets to silly doors. Whether you are a die-hard Rust fan or a brand-new console player, there is something here for you!

This week for Rust console we saw another expansion to the Tribal Magic set, a brand new set called the Digital Camo set, and another new group called the Snakeskin set. Overall, these sets look excellent and super well thought out.

The Digital Camo set is a blue set that is not super realistic but is at least fun. The camo is comprised of blues, greys, whites, and blacks. The guns that got this skin are as follows: rocket launcher, double barrel shotgun, M249, bow, crossbow, custom SMG, assault rifle, and LR-300. As for the clothing, we received a metal facemask, a metal chest plate, a hoodie, and pants skins. This skin may be interesting for the snow or diving underwater, but I think it is just too aggressive for the current climate.

As for the other two sets, the Tribal Magic set is just what we expected. It has a double door skin, single door, garage door, furnace, rug, and table. The skins look very interesting and play into the magic theme well. As for the Snakeskin set, it looks super clean; I especially enjoy the cool metallic texture. The snake skin is an exciting pattern, and the orange wraps add a fantastic pop of color.

Overall, I’m super happy with all the sets that came out this week for Console, and I can’t wait to see more.

For PC skins this week we saw a wide range of sets covered: Tempered, Retro Blast, Glister, Cold Hunter, and even the Arctic Camouflage. All of these are slowly growing sets, so it’s nice to see additions to them. As for the other stuff, we received a very comical single-door skin and a large box skin that will fit right into the aesthetic of Rust.

Two of the highlights from this week are the Retro Blast MP5 and the Tempered M249. These skins add continuation to their respective sets. Retro Blast started at the beginning of this month, while the Tempered set has been running for almost six years. The earliest skin is the tempered line, the MP5, which came out almost six years ago.

Overall these two skins are both very pretty. I think the Tempered M249 will go down as one of the best M2 skins, and the Retro Blast MP5 will be a colorful classic.

As for the other two gun skins, they are both very interesting skins that are also set continuations. The Glister set was started in December of last year with the Glister MP5. The Cold Hunter set was started over four years ago, making it another long-running set in Rust. As for the content of these two skins, the Cold Hunter DB will be a great addition to the set, rounding off the leading tier-one weapon. As for the Glister Crossbow, I think this skin is fantastic and will add to the Glittery-Spray-Paint aesthetic option very well.

This week we received two single doors and a garage door. All of these skins are pretty amazing to me. The Airlock Door is super funny and is an excellent play on the airlock function of the single door. The Arctic Camouflage Net door is another excellent skin. Combining this with the net will make for a fantastic camouflage base combination! The Atomic door has a beautiful amount of glow without being too overwhelming. Overall these skins are all excellent and just beautiful additions to the game.

reinforced large wooden box
Reinforced Large Wooden Box

Lastly, the Reinforced Large Wooden box may be one of the most classic-feeling skins added to Rust in years. It’s reminiscent of the bygone era of the legacy Rust skins from over eight years ago, back when all skins were just realistic re-colors or boxes with very simple text on them. This box skin takes me back to the classic days, and I’m more than here for it.

Overall, I’m very happy with all the sets that came out this week for Console and PC, and I can’t wait to see more. This week is another great one, from the return-to-form skins to the funny new joke skins. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s skins, and as always, stay rusty, survivors.

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