New Rust Skins for Console and PC (August 11)

This week we saw some highs, and some pretty low lows, with another disappointing skin set for PC, some more fun and cute additions to console, and one absolute must-buy of a skin set.

For this week’s skins, we got 3 new sets: A full metal set and a matching roadsign set, a toolset, and a storage set. Overall, a very productive week with a lot of good pieces to pick up. Now, let’s jump into the breakdown.

animal party storage collection
Animal Party Storage Collection

This time around, we saw a few very cute additions to the console Rust: 4 small box and two large box skins, each with a separate animal theme. They all also have labels on them. If you are into the slightly useful (and super cute) skin sets, then I would say 100% that this is the set for you.

cargo tools collection
Cargo Tools Collection

This is a pretty alright set. It contains one of each of the main tools in tier one and primitive. I personally think this is a more boring set and it’s not clean. The blue and yellow is a clashing color combination to me. And, honestly, it’s just a bit too bland for Rust. If yellow is really your color then totally, go for this, but personally, it’s a no go for me.

post apocalyptic veteran collection 1
Post Apocalyptic Veteran Collection

This is probably the cleanest of all the sets added this week, for both console and PC. Personally, I love this set — I think it perfectly fits into the aesthetic of Rust, and is a welcome addition.

If I had to choose what to get from this one I would say go kilt, vest, and the metal facemask. Metal chest plates are just too much to craft and are uncommon to run, in my opinion, especially if you are shopping on a budget today! Overall, this is a clean, tasteful addition to the world of Rust and I would definitely recommend picking it up.

This week we saw some decent additions to the PC Rust skins. Personally, I think that some of these are great, but some are a bit lazy. We have a Hoodie and Pants, SAP, SAR, Large Box, and a Roadsign set to look over today. So, let’s take a peek!

So, to start, we have a matching hoodie and pants set. Out the gate, I’m not too sure where Facepunch is going to take this. I think it’s a pretty cool set and it gives me massive “Blue Beetle from Young Justice” energy, so I’m excited to see where this goes.

To be honest, I think this is a set that requires either a matching roadsign, or metal kit. On their own, these pieces don’t really stand. If you’re willing to invest in something that may or may not progress with next week, I would pick up this set. Just keep in mind that, as a starter to a new set, it is a little risky.

Next, we have another lazy addition to the game. If you have read the previous skin article, you will know that I have some strong opinions regarding cheap and low-effort sets. This set will not be an exception.

Personally, I think this is a very lazy excuse for Facepunch to go with: there are so many talented artists in the Workshop right now, putting out high-quality interesting skins. Rust could choose any one of them and, instead, devs went with a low poly version of the default skin. As you can tell, I am not a fan.

If you aren’t in need of a skin set, I highly recommend you avoid this one, even if it’s only $0.99 per skin. We want to promote other artists and avoid these basic skins in the future.

I think these two are very clean and very fitting new skins for both of these weapons. I’m very happy to see that the SAP will finally be getting some much-needed love after almost a year without any skins. Although the same can’t be said for the SAR, I still think this is an awesome addition. It fits well into the originally-intended aesthetic of Rust. If you are in need of a SAP or SAR skin, I would highly recommend both of these.

graffiti tools storage
Graffiti Tools Storage

Lastly, we have the Graffiti Tools Storage large box skin. Another welcome addition to the Graffiti set. Although I personally find this set to be a slightly annoying cash-grab, I can see why people enjoy it. It is a useful, labeled box skin, with quite tasteful artistic flair.

If you have already been collecting the other parts of this set, don’t forget to pick up this one! If not, you still can pick this one up, but keep in mind that there are plenty of other skins on the market that can be just as good as this.

In conclusion, I think this is a pretty decent week. I’m very curious to see where the Skullkiller set goes. The two weapon skins this week were both a very good fit. Although yet another low-effort skin was added, I think overall this release still holds up fairly well. Remember to just pick up what looks good to you — it’s all about what makes you happy to watch the loot disappear from. Hope you enjoy the skins, survivors, and good luck with your wipes!

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