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Game: Rust
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Date: July 8, 2022

This month saw a few new skin additions for both versions of Rust. For console, we saw 2 new skins, one more humorous than the other. For PC Rust, we saw additions to two of the current sets being worked on, as well as some new skins for your inventories.

you just got raided tshirt

This very funny T-Shirt skin with “You just got raided” and a Hazmat man giving the Thumbs up emoji. Overall this is a super fun shirt and one that I would highly recommend picking up! Get it in-game now, only 350 RC or $3.50 USD.

golden double barrel shotgun

Along with the T-Shirt Skin, we got a new double-barrel skin. This is honestly a super classy skin, a great way to show off to both your teammates and your enemies right before they die! If you are looking for a good way to flex on everyone I would recommend picking up this skin. Get it in-game now, only 500 RC or $5 USD.

This month we saw a bunch of great additions to the item store. With one new hoodie and pants set, a metal tools set, a garage door, a locker, a python, and an AK. We are starting to see Facepunch really double down on the Grifiti set and the Outer Planet sets. Especially after the crazy market success of the Neon box set, I think we will really start to see this pattern of matching item sets continue in even larger forms than before.

black gold hoodie
Black Gold Hoodie

I think this Black Gold skin is really an unnecessary addition to the game. The Black Gold set as a whole is a really clean and polished set but I don’t think it deserves to become a clothing set. From what I can tell this will end up being a cheaper or more expensive version of the Dragon Rage set. I’m very surprised to see that they would release almost 2 identical sets only 3 months apart. I would not recommend picking up this set. If this is a color style that interests you check out the Dragon Rage set for $1.85 USD instead of the $2.49 USD on the Rust Item Store, the same goes for both the Hoodie and Pants.

blacksmiths hatchet
Blacksmith’s Hatchet

I personally find this to be a super nice and refreshing tool skin. Although the hot-colored end is something we have seen before I think it actually works really well on this Hatchet Skin. The red-orange and silver blend together to make a super smooth but interesting model. As well as the fact that the end glows in the dark this makes out to be a great skin and a super good buy in my opinion. I would recommend both this skin and the partner Pick Axe skin to anyone who is looking for a good first tool skin that can be useful and look good. Pick it up now in the Rust Item store for only $1.99 USD.

The rest of the skins are just continuations of other sets. Both the Outer Planets Locker and Graffiti Drop Storage Box are glow-in-the-dark — although this used to be a very uncommon and rare thing for Rust skins it is appearing to become a trend that is going to last. If you are getting the box purely for the glow-in-the-dark I would highly recommend the Toy Box, it is a super underrated glow-in-the-dark box from early Rust and is only $1.86 on the market right now.

Unlike the Graffiti DropBox, I think the Outer Planets Locker is a great pick-up for anyone who wants to grab a glow-in-the-dark locker. All of the alternatives are priced at over $9 USD so this would be a great pick-up for the investor and collector.

Lastly, I think the Aftermath Garage Door is a neat but unneeded addition to the game. While I think it’s a cool aesthetic, I also feel it could have been replaced with one of the other far more interesting workshop projects up right now.

Lastly, we’ve got the new gun skins. I personally think the Pixel set as a whole is overrated — I don’t think it looks that cool, but if it’s your thing, go for it! The Python is a very interesting skin, it has a glow on the sides but not on the iron. This turns into a very interesting effect where it creates a thin circle of glow around the chamber. I have been doing some testing in-game and don’t find it to be super useful off the bat, but with some time I think I will come to really enjoy this skin.

In conclusion, I think this was a great item store overall. We saw two great additions to the console store and a few great adds to the Steam Store. I find it interesting to see that Facepunch is continuing the trend of unrealistic bright skins after they went for the realism look for so many years. Time will tell if this is a trend that will continue or change.

My final recommendations would be to pick up the Outer Planets Locker and the Metal Tools set for PC, and the T-Shirt for console. Until next month, happy shopping survivors!

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