men wearing blackout matching with blackout sar that was added this month
Game: Rust
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 7, 2022

Patch 1.42 for Rust dropped today, bringing with it plenty of postive changes to the game. We saw some major combat balancing, chat filtering for a better player experince, and other quality of life changes. Bellow you can find a detailed break down of all the new changes and systems implamented this month!

This update includes  major improvements to the previous combat update. Facepunch, after careful consideration of community feedback, has made some monumental changes that will have a positive impact on the PvP experience right now. The M39 was moved back to being a superior version of the SAR instead of a side-by-side weapon. Pump slugs were revived with slug damage fall-off being reduced, and most importantly we saw the accuracy bonus get removed from the silencer. In addition to last wipes sound and recoil changes, this month all silenced sounds were shited as well to match the change. Here is the final list of updates:

  • Improved Hide Blood Option.
  • Added Hurt Flash disable option.
  • M249 is slightly more aggressive.
  • HMLMG recoil is more aggressive.
  • HMLMG lowered durability.
  • HMLMG increased crafting costs.
  • Scopes will now increase weapons recoil.
  • Reduced blur/blood effects.
  • Accuracy bonus removed from the silencer.

With the new update this month we had a bunch of quality updates regarding item placement! For too long has the medium battery tortured players by placing them backward, no longer will this be an issue. Here are the items that got their placement changed:

  • Medium Battery will now place facing you.
  • Barbeques will now place facing you.
  • Mailboxes will now place facing toward you.
  • Wind Turbines electrical output will now face towards the player.
  • Kayaks will now place facing away from you for easier boarding.
  • Mailboxes will now be able to receive photos.
rust july patch deployable placement medium battery
Fixed item placement

Facepunch decided to finally fix some of the issues that have been plaguing the game for the last few wipes. Chief among them horses will finally get the luxury of elevators once again! Character models in the UI will now have ideal animations, now the character will now resemble people instead of our dummies selfs.

Some more quality of life stuff coming to Rust this wipe just to help us, the players, out:

  • Removed Water Quality Bug.
  • Horses can now ride on elevators.
  • Fixed Flashlights and Lasersights not turning on after being equipped.
  • Animal Headshots will now make the appropriate hit marker sound.
  • Fixed Research tables getting stuck researching.
  • Achievement List can now be turned off in settings.
  • Added Crosshair for Spray Can.
  • Small Loot containers all now have interact sounds.
  • Jack Hammer now hits hotspot every time without tapping.
  • Backpacks with Rocks and Torches will despawn after 30 seconds.
  • Streamer mode will hide the map name in the server list.
  • Admins will now be able to view all player-created content in a new menu. This includes all drawings, art, recorded content, pictures, and more.
  • You can also now report under “Offensive” to help admins better address the issues. You can also now include screenshots in these reports.
  • There were also multiple HAPIS Island changes that you can find on the Facepunch development post here.
rust july patch new offensive content report ui
New offensive content report system

Rust has now decided to use Steam’s chat filtering functionality to obscure slurs and other foul languages. This is a client-side change and can be adjusted in your steam settings. In addition to this, the debug camera got a UI change. The display will now show the following:

  • Camera FOV
  • Depth of field aperture and blur values
  • Camera lock status
  • Sensor type
  • Focal length
rust july patch camera ui changes
New camera UI

Along with the UI changes some more useful commands were added to help Rust filmmakers.

  • client.camphysical (1/0) – Enable/disable physical camera properties on debug camera
  • client.camphysicalsensortypes – Prints camera sensor types with corresponding number
  • client.camphysicalsensor – Select physical sensor for debug camera (use sensor ID number from the above ‘sensortypes’ convar)
  • client.camphysicalfocallength – Set focal length of the debug camera (Measured in mm)

Some new prefabs were introduced this month, the tiled cube prefabs. The current collection contains 60 cubes each with a unique set of textures, including but not limited to brick, wood, metal, concrete, plaster, metal, and more. Each cube can be scaled and rotated in the custom map scenes while maintaining the texture.

rust july patch tiled cube collection
All new tiled prefabs

Now go contiune your adventures! Explore the island and adapt! Report the offenseive content you find and give pump slugs another chance. Until next time survivors, and enjoy your wipe!

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