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Game: Rust
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 7, 2022

Good morning survivors! With this new patch, there were plenty of bug fixes to make the game smoother. Loot opportunities have been increased, and most importantly the Jackhammer has been returned to its former glory! Keep reading to see all the nitty gritty!

For too long have we been unable to repair our Jackhammers after one use, but with this patch that issue is no more! Jackhammers can now be refilled at any workbench, no matter the durability remaining. There were also some other general Items and weapon fixes in this wipe including but not limited to:

  • Players waking up near small stashes will no longer hear the stash being raised from the ground
  • Players should no longer crash when using a Large Medkit when entering deep water.
  • Player shadows will no longer disappear when standing close to a searchlight.
  • Player sleeper models fixed.
  • Mail Box storage increased from 12 to 13 slots
  • Fixed the order of the Lasersight and MP5A4 in the tier 3 workbench Tech Tree.
  • Fixed some items not automatically stacking into wooden boxes.
  • Fixed recyclers not giving enough resources back when recycling more than one of the same item. (This is likely to fix the individual Sewing Kits bug that has existed for some time, where recycling them one at a time yielded more than in one whole stack.)
  • Fixed Blueprint highlight of the Rug turning invisible when viewed from below.
  • F1 Grenade damage type changed. Grenades now do much more damage to vehicles.
  • Simple Handmade Sight received an updated appearance.

As well as all the aforementioned bug fixes, we also saw a lot of loot tables and loot contents get reworked or improved in this wipe, from locked crates getting more item slots, to take some of the junk loot out of Airdrops. No longer will players be plagued by receiving a pair of Wooden Leg armor in airdrops! Here is a list of all the item loot changes coming to the island this patch.

  • Locked Crates can now spawn rifles.
  • Attack Helicopters crates can no longer be used for storing items.
  • Attack Helicopter crates improved.
  • Bradly APC crate slots increased from 6 to 12.
  • Bradly APC improved loot.
  • Supply Drop loot improved.
  • Crates in the cave under Oxum’s Gas Station can no longer be used for storing items.
  • Loot Crate slots increased from 6 to 12
  • Tool Boxes will now have a reduced chance of finding rifle and shotgun ammunition.
  • Military Crates increased the amount of Metal Pipes that can be found.

Lastly, there were a few monument fixes that pushed this wipe to improve the visual experience for players. There were mostly cosmetic things to make the game look prettier for you. There were also some overdue changes like animals being able to attack players in safe zones that were fixed. Below is a full list of the changes that are coming to monuments and our island.

  • Code Locked Crates will no longer decay, preventing them from disappearing.
  • Large Oil Rig and Fishing Village fixed texture and LOD issues.
  • Harbor received a fix to missing collisions on a window.
  • Bandit Camp received a second recycler.
  • Fishing Villages tech trash on the ground will now appear bigger.
  • Fishing Villages engine will now be on the ground instead of floating above it.
  • Fishing Villages magically locked door will now be unlocked for all.
  • Animals will no longer enter the safe zone and attack players at Fishing Village.
  • Code Locks and Key Locks can no longer be placed on turrets at Fishing Village and Outpost.
  • Pump Jack texture fix.

Overall it seemed to be a very productive update for the Rust Console team. A lot of persistent issues were fixed, and a number of general improvements were made. Now get on that island and begin your journey so you can experience all of it for yourself! 

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