RUST August 4th Patch: Trainyard Unloading, Light Switches, Flashbangs, and More

The start of this month brings with it welcome additions to Rust, including a dynamic new change for PVP in the form of flashbangs and molotov cocktails, and an interesting new loot mechanic in the trainyard unloading. Today’s patch also includes the usual quality of life, balancing, and performance updates.

The August 4th patch has an exciting addition to the new above-ground railroad system: Trainyard is now linked to the rail system, allowing for the unloading of new lootable train cars. In brief, here’s how the new trainyard unloading works:

There are a few variations to these cars that can be unloaded: The ore wagons contain sulfur, iron, or charcoal; fuel tank wagons are filled with low-grade fuel; loot wagons can be unloaded to reveal crates. Find these cars on the rail network and bring them to the trainyard to unload.

Attach the new carts to a Work cart (which has had its power reduced and can now pull fewer cars), or the new Locomotive which provides a higher pulling power. You can then pull the carts to Trainyard to begin the unloading process. You will need a green keycard and a fuse to get full access to this area, after this you can unload as many wagons as you like. Ore and fuel will be deposited into the output hopper and fuel tank respectively inside of the tower. Loot crates will be lootable once the cart is emptied.

new train cars
New train car models

Facepunch has also revealed that we should expect the trains to get hooked up to other monuments in the future, which is an exciting prospect!

With this new update, light switches were added to all monuments with existing lighting features, along with the finalization of lighting being added to all monuments that didn’t otherwise have it. This addition should add a more dynamic nature to monuments, allowing players to make the choice if they want comfort in the light or safety in the darkness.

light switches
New light switches
molotov coctail
Molotov cocktail being thrown at a base

This month we saw the very interesting addition of a Molotov Cocktail and a Flashbang item. These are both throwables similar in nature to the Grenade. The Molotov Cocktail is an areal denial weapon that slows the movement of other players and deals damage over time. It can also be used to destroy wooden structures. The new Flashbang was added as a way to blind and distort your enemies. Facepunch hopes that this will reduce the benefit of corner camping and shake up how room clearing is viewed.

flash bang
New Flashbang

There were also a few general improvements and changes. Here are the highlights:

  • The scrap tea received a buff. It will now yield more scrap and last longer.
  • Cliffs have been fixed and should be more climbable.
  • Projectile invalids have been a big issue for a while. They fixed the bug that caused an unreasonable amount of invalids when shooting at people in vehicles.
  • A lighting update to make it more dynamic and reflective of the updated graphics rust received last summer. There are 2 new experimental graphics settings: Advanced interior lighting, which when enabled includes player bases in the new lighting model, and advanced forest lighting, which will do the same for trees.
  • Reduced the number of components on Humanoids. This should reduce performance hits when coming into the range of NPC’s.
  • Underground train tunnels will now be more aggressively culled if not in a train tunnel.
  • Fixed the crouching ADS bug as discovered by Hjune.
  • Updated layout of the Contacts page.
  • Added toggle ADS option.
  • Underwater labs size decreased.
  • Fixed boomboxes connected to speakers not playing in sync.
  • Added 6 new radio stations.

That’s all for this month’s update. Please feel free to read the official patch notes for more in-depth and further information. As always, check out all the new features in-game and let me know your opinions! Happy Rusting.

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Another great read! Thanks for the info